Thursday, February 23, 2012

beijing // hutong wandering // 1

Most of my time in Beijing I spent wandering around in the many hutongs that still can be found in the city. Hutongs are the traditional residential areas of a Chinese city and Beijing is famous for them!  Many have them have been destroyed, one can only hope the Chinese government finally realizes the potential of those areas - too many have been flattened for new, sparkling high-rises.

Hutongs are characterized by their narrow lanes and zick-zack streets in which you easily can get lost. The true magic of the hutongs however, lies within the numerous courtyards - entering through a small doorway, you find a haven of tranquillity and peace in this hectic city. Many courtyards (especially in the well-known and touristy hutongs) have been transformed to boutique hotels, restaurants or caf├ęs. Others are still used for living by their longtime residents.

I walked for hours, snapped my heart away with my camera, drank tea, ate fabulous chinese food and was greeted by old Chinese ladies with a friendly "ni hao"... Loved it! Days like this is what travel in all about! For me at least :)


  1. What kind of camera do you use? I love your shots. x

    1. I use the Canon 7D - love it, it is really a great camera!

  2. hello christine, I use a Canon 7D - it is a great camera, I really enjoy it!!!

  3. It makes me want to lose myself in these small streets! Very nice :)

  4. So jealous! I love Beijing, it holds a special place in my heart. These photos are just perfect.
    Ronnie xo

  5. Das sind grandiose Reisebilder!!!

  6. thanks a lot for this amazing trip, these pictures are really gorgeous!!!
    congrats and greetings from Madrid,

  7. Wonderful photos. I'm so envious of your travels, they look incredible! Definitely going to be checking in our your adventures again and again

  8. Beautiful photos. Would love to visit one day.

    * Julia


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