Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

After a mostly quite week and a lovely, sunny Australian Day (pictures to come soon!) we headed out to the beach on the weekend. We packed our camping stuff and drove 2 hours south to Phillip Island. Oh, I love roadtrips!!

Such a pretty place - it is mostly know for its Penguin Parade, which we visited (of course)! It is really touristy, but it was too cute to see the little penguins walk up the beach to their burrows at sunset - unfortunately no photography is allowed to protect the little ones from flash light...

Besides the penguins, Phillip Island has some great surfing beaches, wonderful nature and a pretty coastline! Oh and also Australia's largest fur seal colonies, but they are so far away from the shore that you can barely see them...

Anyway, I have decided I need a surf board and a surfing lessons!! You simply cannot live in Australia and NOT surf, right?

Hope you are having a nice week, *K

PS: Please head over to Kay from Chronicled as she features me in her great Frequent Flyer series today! Thanks Kisha, love how it turned out!!


  1. looks like a fab weekend. i would love to go see the penguins there someday!

    (oh and in answer to your question, i'm heading to sri lanka after my wedding in march. I suppose that's called a honeymoon but i find that word really weird :)

  2. Can we swap homes for a couple of months?!? Wow.

  3. Looks beautiful!

    We visited the penguins near Cape Point in South Africa and it was pretty cool to watch as well. They are such peculiar animals.

  4. I'm obsessed with Philip Island! What an incredible amazing place. So great that you can visit whenever you'd like.

  5. I'm thinking...I need to move to Australia!!!

  6. Ohhh those photos are so pretty. I so crave summer right now:) Glad you are having a fantastic time, darling. xo

  7. Gorgeous! We visited Philip Island when we were in Australia last year! It was so green and lush... felt like we were in Ireland or something. How have you lived in so many countries?


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