Friday, January 20, 2012

{ goodbye roadtrip } rome II

I just realized that I never finished to share my pictures from our goodbye roadtrip through Italy and Croatia. In September, we decided to hit the roads of Europe for the last time before moving to Australia and drove from Switzerland to Rome via Firenze and Tuskany and further on to Croatia!

Shame on me for not posting earlier, I guess to many things going on the last couple of months.... But anyway, let's continue with some pictures of Rome, the city with the most amazing sights and the best espresso!!

I simply adore Rome, however I think that summer might not be the best time to visit. For sure, the sun is shining, the gelato tastes delicious and all, but the amount of tourists is just overwhelming! Never seen so many in one place!

Next up: Riding the ferry from Italy to Croatia


  1. This post is like my dream come true! I cannot wait to visit someday :) I love the mouth of truth picture, they are all lovely! :)

  2. ahhh Rome! My favorite city in the entire world!!! Your photos are amazing as always.

  3. beautiful photos! makes me want to jump on a plane to italy right now!

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous! I dream of visiting Rome and other Italian cities one day.

  5. Rome is one of my favorite cities! I am dying to go back... thank you for sharing your lovely photos!!

  6. Was für eine großartige Stadt. Leider habe ich Rom bisher noch nicht besucht - aber das muss nichts heißen.

    Ich hoffe, dir geht es gut und euer Roadtrip war extraklasse?

    Liebe Grüße

  7. I still can't believe that in all those years I lived in Europe that I never made it to Italy. It's always been my #1 on the list! I feel the same way about Barcelona; beautiful, but the insane amount of tourists ruins the experience.

  8. Rome is such a classic destination. I need to make it there one day but I'm a bit put off by big tourist crowds. But I guess the crowds are there for a reason!


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