Wednesday, December 14, 2011

welcome to vintage heaven!!

I have found my personal vintage heaven, wonderland, paradise - call it whatever you like! In the small town of Tyabb on the Mornington Peninsula, maybe about an hour from Melbourne, you will find everything vintage you have been dreaming about - from furniture, lamps, bikes, typewriters, to kitchen ware, maps, globes, old milk bottles, colorful tin containers...

There is no doubt, I will return to the Vintage Shed soon to get more treasures home with me! And besides, it is also perfect for taking photographs! :)

Isn´t it absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g?

Find it here:
Vintage Shed at
93 Mornington Tyabb Road, Tyabb


  1. I've never heard of this place - will have to check it out when I'm now in Melbourne next time.

  2. Wow!! I see like 20 things I want to buy!!!

    - Sarah

  3. Oh wow! Beautiful!!! Never heard of it, must go when I'm around!

    Hey, tag your Melbourne posts with Melbourne ok? Then it will be easier to browse in the future when I'm looking for places :)

  4. Beautiful! I'll hide in your car trunk the next time you go there. What are the prices like? Are they competitive or is it much cheaper to buy new stuff? (I know this sounds sad, but I'll be on a budget at the beginning :( )

  5. Oh I love the Vintage Shed. I just found you via Ermie and I am loving reading about your Melbourne adventures. It's nice to see the city through the eyes of a new Melbournian. :)

    PS. You can find good bread here! My family are Danish and they will not put up with that fluffy Australian bread. And you must be in St Kilda or Prahran to see bare feet in the supermarket. It is strange, isn't it!

  6. OMG, I may need to fly out to Australia just to visit and raid this place!!!

  7. Oh, I want to hop on a plane NOW just to visit this store! It looks amazing!


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