Monday, December 12, 2011

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So, this weekend was our moving weekend. Not that there was much to move from our temporary home to our new apartment in South Yarra as our container is still out on the sea. But still some boxes to carry and unpack, cleaning and visits to IKEA :)

With our furniture gone, we are forced to live rather "basic" for the next couple of weeks, which includes sleeping on the floor, having only two chairs and a camping table to sit, no fridge and no vacuum cleaner. You can imagine that I really do look forward for our things to arrive....

Anyway I have not been out much this weekend, so no new pictures to share, therefore I thought I do a small sum-up of the things I like here in Australia so far (and also the things I need to get used to). Enjoy!! :)

              i like

- complete, pretty vintage overdose everywhere - oh those great vintage shops
- open, friendly people that are never to busy for a little chit-chat
- lovely caf├ęs with great (!) coffee
- the alternative vibe of Melbourne with craft shops, street art and
- running along the beach! how great is it to live so close to a beach!
- beautiful nature at our doorstep
- my community library where I can lend books, DVD's, audiobooks etc for free!!!
- affordable and great sushi everywhere
- parrots in the trees behind our apartment
- acland street cake shops in St Kilda, sooo yummy!

             maybe need to get used to

- people walking barefoot in supermarkets
- the bread (just NO comparison to German bread, all you Germans know that I talk about)
- this large hole in the ozone layer over Australia, kind of worried about sunburn all the time
- slow internet connections - really people this is the 21 century!!
- I do like the Australian accent, but I am having a hard time understanding
- critters! just terrified to someday find a large huntsman spider in our apartment!!
- the awful TV reception in our new apartment

Happy Monday, K*


  1. Oh I can relate to this post so much!!! We also had a couple of long week spent on the floor..... It was the middle of the winter (we arrived on June) and I felt so miserable.... But it will soon be over!!!

    As for your list - again, I can say Yes to them all! :)
    We're making our own dark rye sourdough bread after a some months when we tasted bread after bread with twisting our faces.... You can usually find good bread in the farmer markets. Found some in your area?

    internet connection.... yes, I don't even want to start about that... all I can say is that you get used to what there is and with no time you'll forget you ever had something different :)

  2. Yes to the internet connection - it's taking me a long time to get used to it.

    Try Babka in Brunswick street for bread, or Victoria Market. Vic Market is also great if you're missing proper deli meats - just find the Polish Shop in the Deli section.

  3. A year in Germany was enough for me to feel like a German when it comes to bread, really. SO SO GOOD.

  4. please enjoy the vintageness for me, i just do not find it here!!! i'm loving reading about your likes and dislikes...such an adventure!


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