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// travel snapshots // kruger national park

Mina and Alex basically lived my dream - they quit their jobs, sold their house and traveled around the world!! Isn´t that simply fanastic? I loved to follow them on their beautiful blog ...sending postcards to places such as Costa Rica, Egypt and South Africa and now I am always curious to see which new place they show us from their new home Montreal. I am so glad that Mina chose the pictures of the Kruger National Park for the travel snapshots, they are fantastic!!! Enjoy :)


What is your most favorite place to take photographs?
Our favourite place to take photographs was in South Africa, specifically Kruger National Park.
We originally planned on spending 2 days in Kruger, but we extended it to 5 because we were having so much fun. Photographing animals in their natural habitat was a pretty amazing thing.

What makes this place so photogenic in your eyes?
The wildlife is the obvious answer, but we were also intrigued by everything from the insects to the flora and fauna.

Every place has its own beauty, essence and specialities. How can this be captured on film?
We were lucky enough to spot several lions on our final day on safari, after they had eluded us all week. We were surprised at how close they came to our vehicle and how little they cared about our presence.

Are there any specifics to take into consideration while shooting and do you have any special recommendations on how to get the "perfect picture"?
If you go on safari in South Africa, or anywhere really, I would recommend a zoom lens since you're unable to leave your vehicle to get closer.
We also turned the car engine off frequently to avoid disturbing the animals.

While traveling, what camera equipment do you normally take?
A DSLR, a point-and-shoot, and some lomo cameras usually. We liked using fixed lenses, but they're not always practical when you're out all day sightseeing.

What is your most favorite picture of this place and why?
We captured a photo of several zebras and giraffes grazing together in the wild, and it's one of our favourites because it was pretty unbelievable to witness in person.

All pictures by Mina and Alex from ...sending postcards


  1. such beautiful photography. the picture of the lion's mouth is fantastic and scary!

  2. she is a great photographer, i follow her blog too. lovely shots.

    FYI - i changed my blog name to "the flybird," if you'd like to update your blogroll ;) thanks a heap!


  3. I adore Alex and Mina!! they are such a cool (and cute) couple!


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