Friday, November 11, 2011

enjoying the view

This has been my view for the last couple of days in Ubud when waking up, reading my book on the balcony, sipping tea and coming home. Isn`t it simply beautiful and stunning?

I adore Bali - from all the places I have been to, Bali and its people are special. The sounds, the smells, the laughters, the spirituality, the architecture, the colours and a landscape that leaves me speechless.

I am so happy to be here, right in this moment! Is it perfect!


  1. My ultimate dream is to go to Bali! I'm so jealous of your travels, I've been reading them all week :)
    xo Erica

  2. i NEED need NEED to get to bali.

  3. You are pretty passionate about this one. It will have to go top on my list :-)

  4. Oh, I'm so envious!! Bali is definitely on my list...enjoy it!!

  5. beautiful photo and view, Kristina. can't wait to see & read about the rest of your travels!
    ps. great to have you on this side of the world :)

  6. Looks very peaceful and serene - Bali must be gorgeous.

  7. I dream of visiting Bali one day...SIGH...

  8. Certainly a nice view to wake up to. Bali would be fascinating, I'm sure...


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