Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{ goodbye roadtrip } tuscany II

Back to Italy :) The drive from Pienza further on to Montepulciano is gorgeous. We rolled down the windows, sang to our favorite songs, stopped for a picnik next to a cypress alley and simply enjoyed the moment.


No trip to Tuscany is complete without buying some wine! So we headed further south to Montepulciano as this happens to be my most favorite Italian red wine. Lovely city and also not so crowded as San Gimignano. We did some wine tasting and then bought a couple of bottles of our favorite choice. Too bad we finished them all in the course of the vacation, not a single drop left. So good. Need to order more. Urgently. And I need to find an Australian red wine as good as this one. Any suggestions?

Next up: many pictures of Roma


  1. i'm sure you will get plenty of opportunity to test out the wines in australia!!! :)

  2. I love wine as well and I adore those photos, sweetie. Have a great afternoon. Muah

  3. What a nice post!

  4. Your trip is making me realize how badly we need to take a week or so off and drive around this beautiful continent! I have been dying to get back to Italy, so for now I am living vicariously through you. and surely you will find lots of good Australian Shiraz in your new home :)

  5. the photo of the gate is AMAZING. it actually made me stop & stare & go back to stare at it more. SO beautiful!


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