Monday, September 5, 2011

// weekend stories // 34 // (a bit late, I know...)

How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

We had to say our first goodbye's and it nearly broke my heart.
Spent a wonderful afternoon with my boyfriends nephews in the forest exploring. I love them both so much and I will miss them terribly. They are the best and sweetest kids out there. A lot of tears were cried this day (mainly from my side though, haha). I know I will see them via Skype and hear their voice on the phone, but nothing beats holding their small hands while taking a walk. So slowly reality hits what it means to move so far away from home...

Sorry, that this post is one week late, but since I was in Egypt last week my timing is a bit messed up. :)
Happy Monday! *K


  1. I can imagine that would be so hard kristina! but what beautiful memories you've made with them - and thank God for skype!

  2. Your nephew is adorable - can imagine the goodbyes were hard but Skype is wonderful for keeping in touch.

  3. The pictures are dreamlike, and then you'll be back someday too!

  4. i am the worst at goodbyes :( they are always so hard, but thank goodness for technology that makes the distance a bit easier!
    and it looks like a lovely way to say goodbye!

  5. These pictures are all so cute! Your boyfriend's nephew, the berries, the area. Ah.. Skype is one of the best inventions!

  6. Joli blog et billet nostalgique !
    Votre blog sur Tumblr est joli également ! :)


  7. he is so sweet! and those berries look delicious!

  8. I know what you're going through, saying bye before moving here was awful. :( I'm sorry :(


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