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Today my dear friend Krystal of Village will share wonderful details about Mexico, where she took fantastic pictures of the locals and their everyday lives. I have been to Mexico a couple of years ago and I agree with Krystal that every picture speaks a story. Enjoy!!


What is your most favorite place to take photographs?
Mexico, around the state of Michoacán.

What makes this place so photogenic in your eyes?
I can only speak for this area but it's photogenic to me because every picture seems to portray some of the sadness and despair that permeates some of the areas and people - I think it makes for some vivid photographs that has the potential to move the viewer. On the other hand, it also brings about the beauty of their culture... the people we interacted with were among the nicest, hospitable and giving people that i've ever met- even though they don't have much to give.

Which popular sights did you like best?
I was pretty amazed by an old pre-hispanic archeological site in Tzintzunzan that used to be pyramids I think - it was on a hill overlooking the city and Lake Patzcuaro - we got to walk around it, it was a gorgeous area (I barely took pictures and none are good!).

Every place has its own beauty, essence and specialities. How can this be captured on film?
I like to take an aerial photo of our meals so that you can see everyone's dishes...But I guess the thing that I like to do the most is to take pictures of the people going about their daily life in a city - I think the normalcy that is capture is pretty cool and does a lot to portray the essence of a place.  

Are there any specifics to take into consideration while shooting and do you have any special recommendations on how to get the "perfect picture"? 
I like to capture the movement of a place - I was actually inspired by our Kristina's venice pictures from awhile ago - I love how she used a long shutter speed to capture the movement of the boats in the canal and now, these are my favorite kind of pictures to take whether it's people, boats, cars, etc. Also,  I've never done it but I think that getting up really early before everyone is out would be a great way to get some specific shots if you didn't want so many tourists in them. Oh and one more thing! To me, the perfect picture is of a sight or situation that moved at least it is my favorite picture :)

While traveling, what camera equipment do you normally take?
I take my big camera and my small one for when I'm tired of carrying the huge one! And a camera bag. And always a cloth to dust off the lens. Oh and I've been obsessed with my wide angle lens lately.

What is your most favorite picture of this place and why?
My favorite picture of the place was taken by one of my best friends (below) who was also on that trip - it's of one of the little students playing with bubbles that we brought. They have SO little and were absolutely amazed and in love with the bubbles (and stickers too) - and so thankful! so seeing the picture always reminds me of being able to share that with them.

All pictures by Krystal of Village


  1. Those photos are truly incredible and the last one gives out such a cool vibe. Wish you both a lovely Monday. Kisses

  2. absolutely LOVE this travel snapshots series! please do let me know if i could be a candidate for such a fun thing! wonderful!

  3. aww thank you for having me!!!! i realized i forgot to add in a picture, too, woops!!!!! are you back yet?!?!

  4. The photos are so beautiful and the store captures your heart. Great tips too! :) I love the last photo.

  5. Gorgeous photos. Love love love the one of the Mexican dancers in masks. That's one of my all time favorite dances.

  6. my favourite is the photo with the bench... nice colours and textures :)

  7. What a gorgeous post! These photos are incredible and so unexpected for Mexico. I love seeing it this way.

  8. The photos look amazing! I love Mexico too, but never been to Michoacan. Did you see all the butterflies?

  9. i like the narration of all the photos. Krystal is wonderful!


  10. man, that trip was so fun. wheres the picture of the bubbles? and that last picture (that i think i took) is hanging in my living room! <3


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