Friday, September 9, 2011

packing my suitcase

Besides being terribly busy with working, having severe back pain and organizing our upcoming move to Australia (only 7 weeks left), I managed to squeeze in two weeks vacation for me any my love. Vacation is important right!! :)

So we are currently packing our suitcases - well, backpacks in our case - and we'll be hitting to road tonight. As I did not have time to properly plan (due to above mentioned issues), we are going more "freestyle" this time. This means, I know we will be going to Tuscany, Rome, take to ferry to Croatia and spent some time on the island of Hvar, but no real details yet. The rest we'll see on the road. Oh, and did I mention we go camping, sleeping in our van? :)

So I will not be around that often the next two weeks, therefore I have asked my favorite blogger friends to help me out, so you don't get bored of my silence in the meantime. All of them participated in my new guest post series called // travel snapshots //, combining my love for traveling with photography, filling you in with their most favorite places for taking photographs as well as sharing some insider tips and tricks. And for sure you will see their most favorite pictures of that special place. Some really cool posts are waiting for you, I promise!! :)

I will also share the rest of my Cairo pictures with you and then I guess I'll see you in two weeks. Probably with many many pictures from Italy and Croatia! haha
Be good, *K


  1. It looks like a fantastic vacation coming ahead. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Wow, these old, well-travelled trunks are fabulous!

  3. most definitely--vacation is very important. enjoy yours!!! hope your back is feeling better!

  4. Oh you lucky girl!
    Have a great trip and enjoy every minute :)
    Can't wait to see pictures!


  5. Das klingt nett, einfach so ins Blaue zu fahren! Enjoy!!

  6. cant wait for your travel reports from croatia!

  7. croatia is my favorite!! can't wait to see your photos! have fun!

  8. those where pics what we rarely get to see any where,,

    Reagrds -

  9. Hi Kristina, Wishing you a most wonderful and relaxing trip. See you when you get back!



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