Friday, September 30, 2011

{ goodbye roadtrip } tuscany I

After one day in Florence we hit the road again on the search for the picture-perfect Tuscan landscape... Happy to annouce that we found it and that I am in love - so much beauty in one place, incredible.
See for yourself :)

We drove from Florence to San Gimignano which was packed with tourists (a bit too many for my taste), so we tried to roam the backstreets and bought delicious bread, salami and cheese for a picnik. San Gimignano is famous for its many towers and it is a pretty place indeed!!

We made our way down south to an area called La Crete, which boasts the famous tuscan landscape that I have been dying to see and photograph. So imagine me sitting in the car, shooting out the window and screaming every 500 meters "stop the car". My boyfriend almost collapsed - haha.
Oh yes and on the last picture you see me with the best icecream I have ever tasted in my entire life: dark chocolate (no extra sugar), homemade by a small gelateria in the town of Pienza. D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s.

Next up:  some more pics of pretty tuscany


  1. your beautiful photos make me feel like I was just there! thank you so much for sharing these. I'd like to steal your ice cream too :)

  2. Oh my gosh, these are so pretty. Love the one of the washing! These make me want to watch that movie again where the woman leaves America and ends up renovating a house in Tuscany. Ah, the name escapes me right now! I am enjoying your last adventures before you move to my lovely country.

  3. Great pics of the Tuscan landscape! Everything looks so beautiful. The gelato looks delicious and if it's the best you've ever tasted, I should note down the place!

    Can't wait to see more pictures from your vacation.

  4. Ok, I will put Pienza too in the list :-)

  5. Oh Tuscany! How I miss you. We stayed there for two weeks and i was in bliss. Happy for you that you got to visit =)

    - Sarah

  6. Jeeeeez! I think I have to stop visiting your blog, I just get so jealous I could die! We have 8 degrees and rain, boo hoo!

    Happy weekend uncle traveling matt ♥

  7. wow tuscany looks amazing :) would love to go one day!! thanks for sharing!

  8. Im Weinanbaugebiet oberhalb von Siene habe ich vor Jahren mal eine wunderschöne Herbstwoche verbracht mit Wanderungen durch die Gegend, mit Weinprobe, mit gemütlichen Dorfkneipenbesuchen und Bruccetta ... Die Toskana ist wunderschön.

    Uns geht es gut. :) Ich hoffe dir auch, und du hast nicht all zu viel Stress!

  9. wowww BEAUTIFUL!!!! I think mark and i need to have a romantic w/e in tuscany yeah???

  10. wow such gorgeous pictures! although i have been to italy i didn't get to spend time in florence, dying to go back and see it!

  11. the laundry picture is GORGEOUS!! your blog always brings a smile to my face. hope you are well. xoxo.

  12. next time i wanna come! :) so beautiful! i love your adventures!!!


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