Thursday, September 29, 2011

{ goodbye roadtrip } firenze

So, lets start the picture marathon from my two past weeks in Italy and Croatia, shall we? :)

We wanted to do a "goodbye europe roadtrip" before we leave to Australia and this is what we did.
14 days, 1 car, 3.000km, 2 happy travellers!

Our first stop on our way south was Firenze.

Firenze is all about museums, palazzos, Michelangelo and food. We spent a lovely day roaming the streets of the old town, soaking up the sunshine, eating icecream and fabulous buffalo caprese salad. Mmh, so good. I decided to never ever buy the normal Mozzarella cheese again in my life, such a difference!! We passed the long queues for the Uffizi museum and instead visited the Palazzo Pitti with its lovely gardens and a great view over Firenze and its surroundings. Ending the day with a glass of Spritz at the riverside.
Perfect day!!

Next up: Tuscany


  1. Beautiful photos, as usual!

    My husband asked me to marry him in the Boboli Gardens, so Firenze will always have a special place in my heart.

  2. I have great memories of Florence. This city is a real museum ... and I remember eating the best pasta of my life!

  3. Wow the color just pops off that plate with the tomato and cheese. I would be SO SAD to leave!

    - Sarah

  4. Not too bad for just a first stop :-)

  5. Beautiful scenes from what must have been a wonderful trip. Once again, all the best with the move!

  6. Klasse Fotos! Es ist schon eine Weile her, dass ich in Florenz war, aber ich fand die Stadt traumhaft. Genau wie du habe ich damals die Uffizien außer acht gelassen (die Reihe war einfach zu lang) und habe den Palazzo Pitti angeschaut. Wunderschön.

  7. oh this makes me miss italia so much. you take such lovely pictures!

  8. these photos make me want to travel so badly! these are beautiful!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE Italy. Gimme some of that Caprese salad!

  10. I really loved Firenze when we went :)


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