Monday, August 8, 2011

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How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

This weekend was mainly dedicated to furniture  - buy and build-up furniture from my favorite Swedish store as well as refurbishing our new antique table. This was our DIY project for the whole last week, but we finally finished on Sunday. I love how it turned out! Now I only have to upholster the chairs and then it all can go into the container bound for Australia :)
Besides, I went for a lovely brunch on Sunday morning with the girls - we finished of the nice morning with a stroll to the local flower field in which we picked large bouquets of pretty flowers - now decorating my new table!! Perfect match!

Tomorrow I will be flying to Zagreb for business, only for one night, back on Wednesday! Hopefully the weather there is nicer then here in Bern! Have a lovely Monday, *K


  1. Oh that's a really cool project! And what you have a field where you can just pick your own flowers! I need to find something like this near me, that would be so awesome! I love Zagreb! have fun there :o)

  2. Ooooh, pretty! Me like ♥


  3. yes it looks beautiful, and I generally dislike antiques, but I guess it's because many people have them but they don't display them properly, or put them somewhere where they don't fit with everything else.

  4. fresh flowers on the table make all the difference

  5. Oh, those flowers look almost too good to be real!!
    And I love the table! We have something similar and it gives the house so much character (especially when almost everything else is Ikea...)

    P.S. I have a couple of tips for you as for your container to Australia, will write you in an email tomorrow morning.

  6. what a great table! did you use a varnish? I have a table I need to refurbish but I'm a little scared to dive right in...just in case I mess it up :(

  7. where oh where did you score such a CUTE table? it is seriously exactly what we want!


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