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i heart // vienna //

I have been on a store tour in Austria for business last summer and my most favorite colleague and me decided to make the best out of it and stay the weekend in Vienna. Neither of us has been before, so we were pretty excited and in Sissi-mode when we finally arrived at the train station.
Vienna is a wonderful city - the old buildings, glamorous palaces of former times, the vivid museum scene and for sure the biggest Wiener Schnitzel I have seen in my entire life help to make us fall in love quickly. It is also the city of Mozart and Klimt, so music and art is big!

To heart:

Royal Vienna
As I said, we were both pretty much in Sissi-mode when we arrived and we looking so much forward to go and visit her palace Schönbrunn. We were having a wonderful time exploring the palace and its beautiful gardens and fountains. Unfortunaltely you are not allowed to take pictures inside of the palace, but let me tell you, the interior is breathtaking. Clearly a must-see in Vienna.

Vienna is also quite famous for its many museums, such as the Albertina, Belvedere and the MUMOK. The MUMOK (Museum for Modern Art in English) can be found in the Museumsquartier, which is a large cultural area in the heart of Vienna. It features a couple of museums, lovely baroque and also modern architecture, dancing schools and great al fresco restaurants in the courtyard. We had lunch there, just taking in the lively athmosphere. I visited a very interesting exhibition showing paintings and art from North Korea in the MAK (Museum of Applied Arts).

Many different styles of architecture can be found in Vienna, from baroque, to romanesque to modern. The architectual style that Vienna is most known for, however, is the Art Nouveau. The Vienna Secession building is one of the most popular representatives of this style. I loved it! Don't miss the nearby Naschmarkt, where all your culinary deams come true. The famous architect Friedrich Hundertwasser was also born in Vienna and you can find some of his masterpieces here.

For sure there is so much more to see such as the Hofburg, the giant ferris wheel, the Spanish riding school, Vienna's boys' choir and many more museums, churches and graves (Imperial Crypt). So go on and explore!

To sleep:

We have stayed directly downtown close to the St. Stephens Cathedral and in walking-distance to most of the sights in Vienna. Also many bars, cafés and restaurants around. I only can recommend this location. The main shopping street is just meters away. Perfect :)

To eat:

Ahhh, Vienna is Schnitzel-country. I have never seen such a huge Schnitzel before. Unbelievable. For sure, I only could finish only half of it, but it was so good. Another Autrian dish I love is the Kaiserschmarrn, which is pancakes with jam. So yummy!

And then there is the world famous Viennese café culture, which you should not miss - for the real touristy adventure head over to the famous Sacher Café and eat the yummy Sachertorte.

To cherish:

My photographers eye loved the many colourful signs...

... and entrances.

Simply walking without any plan and discovering what Vienna has to offer.

Have you been to Vienna? If yes, what did you enjoy the most?

Please head over here to find more // i heart // posts (covering Switzerland, the Provence and Istanbul). I am in Berlin for a long, rainy weekend! Enyjoy yours!! *K


  1. Your photos are so crisp and beautiful. Makes me want to visit Vienna!

  2. Wow some of that architecture is incredible! I love the arches in the second picture. Please tell me, what is "Sissi-mode"?? I hope you have a lovely cosy rainy weekend.

  3. I love Vienna. Lovely in winter and beautiful in Summer. Museumquartier is my favourite too; sitting outside on a sunny day and enjoying a coffee and some great people watching. And then there's Wienerwald...

  4. I love your photos! Especially the signs!

  5. I want to go to Vienna just for the coffee!

  6. I have never been to Vienna, but I can see now that I need to visit one day :)


  7. I haven't been in Vienna already for quite some time, but your pictures have brought back nice memories of a magic city. Did you go into St. Stephen and lit a candle? I remember warmly too the good Austrian white wines, here and there.
    Beautiful pictures by the way.

  8. ich liebe wien. ist zwar schon ein weilchen her dass ich das letzte mal da war aber es ist definitiv ein bezauberndes städtchen.
    bist du das mit dem riesen-schnitzel? wie schön dich mal richtig zu sehen. vielleicht erkenn ich dich ja dann doch das nächste mal auf frankfurts strassen :)
    einen schönen restsonntag noch!

  9. Your pictures are so beautiful- they make me want to go to Vienna even more. I've never been, but I've heard Vienna, along with Prague and Budapest, is like a fairytale city.

  10. Looks so beautiful! I don't know if it is the city itself or something in your photos, but it seems like a very peaceful place.
    Vienna is on my list for future travels, and even only because it is again and again ruling the Most Livable Cities surveys and I wonder how it feels to me in a most Livable city :)

    Hope you had a nice weekend!! I had a very slow and quite one, was so cold and I just feel like hiding in my shell....

  11. I cannot wait to go back to Vienna and see more of the beautiful city! It is my favorite city that I've been to tied with Paris!

  12. Wow, you're so lucky being so close to so many gorgeous European cities! Vienna looks like somewhere from a fairytale. Envious of the cafes and desserts ;-)

  13. Oh, my lovely home! I miss Kaiserschmarrn. Und die gemütlichen Kaffeehäuser!

  14. I bookmarked this, just in case maybe someday I get a chance to visit. Thank you for sharing :D

  15. I feel in love with their sachertorte on new years eve of 2010! its an amazing place to spend the new years. their old town was converted to a waltz dance floor!

  16. thanks so much for pointing me here, it makes me so much more excited :):) i've had vienna on my mind for some time for some reason! i want to visit th badeschiff, do some shoppin and maybe go to a huering? I think i spelled that right. and we are staying in hotel daniel and will have bikes. it will be hot hot!! i might have to check out that weiner schnitzel also, whoa!


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