Thursday, July 14, 2011

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I am so longing for beaches, sunshine, tropical flowers and a cold drink right now - therefore, I take you on another trip to Asia today. During my studies I lived one year in Singapore (loved every day of it), which allowed me to travel the region. On of my most favorite places in Malaysia is the small island Pulau Tioman. We would jump in a bus to Malaysia after work on Friday, take a taxi from there to the small coastal town of Mersing and take the speedboat the next morning! Nothing beats the feeling of speeding along the deep blue ocean with the wind in your hair!

Pulau Tioman is a small tropical beauty. Great fresh food. Some nice snorkeling (saw my first turtle there). Amazing walks in the jungle. No cars. Listening to reggea and drinking a cold beer. Pure bliss!

Lovely beaches and warm ocean.

Our cute bungalow in a green garden.

You also find great wildlife, like those "dragons" (they are normally not dangerous and walk around the island everywhere).


Such a wonderful place. I really left my heart in Asia.

Where did you leave yours?



  1. Bliss indeed! Mine is definitely on the Italian coastlines.

  2. Wunderschöne Fotos. Dein persönlicher Traumort ist ein Traum, einfach herrlich: Palmen, Strand und Meer.

    Unser gemeinsamer Traumort ist der Gardasee, - und mein spezieller bleibt wohl Chile.

  3. croatia :) i love that picture with the shadow in it, it's amazing!

  4. sounds so nice right now! beautiful photos as usual :)

  5. Wow! Take me there with you?!
    I really need to get to Asia & soon!

  6. I left my heart in Seoul, South Korea. It's been almost three years since I visited for a month, and I still think I would love to live there.

  7. We've all got our little Shangri-La I guess! Yours looks out of this era too. No cars, cold beer (that's civilized!) no shoes, a wave then another wave then another wave.
    Mine I think is Formentera, at least right now that I'm there :-)

  8. I adore Asia and want to see much more of it. Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand are the ones I've visited thus far. Cannot wait for arriving there next year with our boat.

  9. omg i just about gasped when i read this post! singapore is my home away from home! i have a lot of family in singapore and travel back there often...i miss it so much. the last time i was there we went to tioman! it was beyond beautiful and now i am craving it! :)

  10. wonderful. paradise. 17 days left. till our flight to BKK. Thanks for sharing, I am ready for the trip!

  11. Such a wonderful places in Asia, I'm happy to know that you enjoy it there.
    I would suggest you to take a trip to Raja Ampat someday perhaps? It's located in Papua.


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