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Due to a lack of new pictures, lets look at some old ones, alright?
Today I would love to introduce you to one of my favorite place ever - Bangkok. I think you either love or hate this place, there is not much in between. Yes, it is loud, dusty, often dirty - but I fell for this place and had crazy and exciting times there. I have been to Thailand already a couple of times and BKK serves as an "home-base" for exploring the rest of the country. There is so much to do and see in this huge city - and the shopping is great as well!

So, what shouldn't you miss while being in Bangkok?

The Khao San Road is probably the first thing that many backpackers see in Bangkok. It is the place for cheap beer, hostels and shopping. We always stay in the area (not directly on the street, I think the noise would drive me mad), but I kind of like the vibe of that part of the city.

My most favorite sight in Bangkok, the Golden Palace. The architecture is stunning, the gold is shiny and the emerald buddha housed in the palace is simply beautiful. Come early in the morning, it gets really hot during the day, let me tell you :)

We discovered Wat Saket during our last trip to Bangkok - it is the build on a hill and simply beautiful! Take the steamy walk uphill and enjoy a nice view and a cute temple.

Jim Thompson was an American businessman who revolutionized the Thai silk industry. Furthermore, he was collecting beautiful art and built himself a wonderful calm oasis in the middle of Bangkoks chaos. He mysterically disappeared in the Malaysian jungle, but you can still visit his beautiful Teak mansion.

For sure there are more great things to see: Wat Arun (or also called the Temple of Dawn), Wat Pho with the golden, laying Buddha, Chinatown, different Nightmarkets etc.
I am so looking forward to return sooner than later :)

Happy Wednesday! Have you been to Thailand before?


  1. beautiful and the palace is breathtaking. I love daydreaming about stunning places like this one:) Have a fantastic Wed, sweetie

  2. I love Bangkok - it's such a strange and absolutely captivating city. Everything is felt so strongly there - the humidity is more humid than anywhere else, the smells stronger, the food tastes richer... and there is always another adventure to be had.

  3. I feel a bit embarrassed saying that I've been to Thailand but not to Bangkok (I wanted to go, though! but didn't have enough time...). It really looks special!

  4. Never been to Thailand.. but I am dying to go. My mom went last year and had an amazing time.

    Needless to say.. I was a teeny tiny bit jealous. ;)

  5. I love Bangkok! <3 I've been four times! My favourite thing to do (other than explore markets!) was going down a HUGE river in a doughnut ring! It was so much fun!

    Lost in the Haze

  6. Bangkok is a mind blowing city! To much of everything for one's senses, the smells, the colours, the textures, the tastes, the vibe, so hectic and so fascinating!!
    You captured it so beautifully!!

    I've been to Bangkok a couple of times and enjoyed it at the first times, although on the last time I decided not to stay in the city and instead went right to Kanchanaburi which I really liked.

    P.S. Hope you're feeling better!! x

  7. I've travelled all over the world but nothing beats Asia for food. Since 2006 I've been to Bangkok once a year and I enjoy it so much, especially the food! I still dream of coconut ice cream on a halfshell at Chatuchak market.

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  8. I've been to Bangkok before,when i was a little kid. have you ever tasted their so famous thai ice tea?
    i am so look forward to go back. great post =D

  9. oh the colors! the colors! you make me want to hop on a plane too!

  10. Fantastic pictures! very beautiful!

  11. looooove thailand!!! miss it!!! pretty photos

  12. wow these are absolutely stunning!

    Style Interplay

    <3 <3

  13. Great series, Kristina. I visited Thailand half a lifetime ago, and have long wanted to return. Jim Thompson's house was a highlight for me.

  14. Oh wow, beautiful images. Can't wait to get back to Thailand. Next year hopefully!

  15. take me on your next travels :)

  16. Oh, thanks for sharing this! We stayed in BKK for a couple of times, but we never made it to the Golden Palace or Wat Saket! On the list for this time!


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