Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{ russia } visiting kremlin

One thing that is probably on each Moscow initeriary is a visit to the Kremlin. The Kremlin is a fortified complex in the heart of the city and it used to be the former residence of the Tsars. It boasts four palaces, four cathedrals, the state kremlin palace and serves as the officical residence for the President of the Russian Federation (thanks Wikipedia :D).

I liked the very diverse styles of architecture in this rather small place!

The heart of the Kremlin is the cathedral square with its four amazing cathedrals. Such a unique style and pretty look! I was so fortuante that the sun was shining during my visit - the colours came out quite nice against the blue sky. Love the golden roofs!!

This was my favorite one, the cathedral of the annuciation. Simply because it has the most golden roofs of all of them :) Inside the cathedrals are painted in the most beautiful colours - I was brave enough to snap a forbidden picture. Sorry for the low quality...

Before I left there was a parade with soldiers and horses. Some kind of changing of the guards I guess.

The security checks are very strict at the entrance, make sure you only bring small bag. They also do not like big camera with big lenses, I have read different stories on the www on what is allowed inside the Kremlin walls and which cameras are not allowed / permission is needed. As all of this left me rather confused, I decided to leave my 7D at home and take my small point & shoot Sony with me....


So this was all to my short visit to Moscow - an interesting, but somehow crazy place.
Made me curious to see more of Russia. Hope enjoyed the trip :)


  1. it doesn't even look real! love russia and love these photos. thanks for sharing them - and for your brave picture inside the annunciation (:

  2. beautiful photos as always! i'm dying to visit.

  3. These photos are so gorgeous!! The cathedrals remind me of Aladdin :)
    <3 Belly B

  4. Well done with your point and shoot! The photos are magnificent...such a vibrant place. I can't beeeeeliiiieve those GOLDEN ROOFS!!

  5. Wow..those photos are incredible, sweetie. I so want to go back now:) Have a great evening. Muah

  6. That picture of the yellow-shod horses with the yellow building is killer! Russia is such a dream destination for me.

  7. oooo and that guy was looking right at you!!! the colors really did turn out perfectly against the blue sky, not bad for your point and shoot!!

  8. Cathedral Square looks amazing...

  9. thanks for taking me with you to russia! :D

  10. Das sind alles sehr schöne und interessante Fotos von Moskau. Eine Stadt mit vielen Gegensätzen, viel Reichtum und Armut, und enormen Gebäuden. Danke dir für deine visuale Reise nach Russland.


  11. Thank you! It is my homeland. Very beautiful photos.

  12. Oh wow! Such beauty!
    And your images are amazing as always :)


  13. Everything is so sharp! I love it!


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