Monday, May 30, 2011

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How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

Sunshine. Blue Sky. Shopping on Saturday. Crafting. Watching movie. Aperol Spritz and popcorn. Sunday hike with friends. 800m altitude difference. Hurting calves. Beautiful vista and nature. Picnik. Birds singing the loveliest songs. Most refreshing summit beer - ever. Watching "Tatort".

(By the way, me and two friends were hiking to the Creux du van in the Swiss Jura mountains (close to the French border). It is called the Grand Canyon of Switzerland - highly recommendable!!)


  1. Wow!!! What a spectacular place!!! And looks like the weather was absolutely perfect too!
    Such beautiful photos Kristina!!! I hope I don't sound too boring with saying that again and again, I just love our photography so much!!!

    Have a great week dear!

  2. Das letzte Fotos ist toll. :)
    Und der Ausblick auf den anderen Fotos gigantisch.

  3. That looks like a great weekend and I love hiking. We go each year to Polish mountains to hike. Glad you had fun and enjoy your Monday afternoon, sweetie

  4. I can understand why you have gone over 100 followers! Your blog is wonderful and now you'll have 110!

  5. That definitely looks like an incredible weekend!

  6. I need to go there! I had no idea there was such a place. It's beautiful as are your photos, Kristina!

  7. haha it's safe to say your weekend was a bit more adventurous than mine! We're currently re-doing our apartment.. so it's disaster everywhere!

  8. Wow, that first flower picture with the white and yellow is absolutely gorgeous!

    - Sarah

  9. wow. your weekend in pics is just beautiful.

  10. it's so so pretty!!! i will put it on my list i think!!! btw i tried the aperol spritz and it was good!!!

  11. Wonderful, I would like to go there! Think you for sharing because I didn't know this beautiful place. Maybe one day...

  12. So to summarize, your weekend was... gorgeous, judging from these photos!

    Mine was so-so, had to go to the doctor to get antibiotics for my very first ear infection.

    I bet you are regretting asking, right about now ;-)

  13. You makes me want to go for a hiking trip and amazing place & pictures as well! check out mine ;D

  14. I love someone who can describe their weekend in such vivid photos. It says something about your life . . . it is wonderful, and never dull. Such an amazing spirit you have!



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