Monday, May 16, 2011

// analog adventure // berlin III

I am so in love with film photography at the moment, simply love the grain, the vintage look. And I love the process of making the picture, to really take time to frame and compose it. I am looking into black & white as well as double-exposure at the moment, so excited.

So here is the last set of pictures taken in Berlin. I just love this city so much!! I will be back there in July - looking so much forward!

1.  Wandering around in Friedrichshain
2.  Beautiful Magnolia tree in the courtyards at Hackesche Höfe
3.  Stairway at the entrace of the Rosenhöfe
4.  First signs of spring
5.  Detail of unrenovated buidling in Friedrichshain
6.  Peak inside along Schönhauser Allee
7.  Lovely buildings somewhere in Friedrichshain
8.  Street art at the Mauerpark

Hope you all had a great weekend! Cross your fingers for me and boyfriend today, there is hopefully something big going on soon (no baby) ;) Please!!


  1. I like to see your pictures of Berlin. I don't know this city but I seem to discover a bit it with your lovely photos.

  2. LOVE picture 6!! Such a creative aspect!!

  3. I need to get myself an analogue camera - pronto. My heart beats a little quicker everytime I see film photographs.

  4. those photos and Im crossing my fingers for you two...How exciting..I cant wait to hear all about it. Hugs and kisses, sunshine

    P.S: I'm hosting an amazing Fischer's dress Giveaway Reloaded today! Don't miss it!

  5. wow! beautiful pictures!! ♥♥

  6. Ich drücke gerne die Daumen - und bin gespannt, ob du die großen Dinge irgendwann erzählen magst. :)

    Die Fotos sind wieder 1a. Alle miteinander. Ich hoffe, dass wir es in diesem Jahr auch noch nach Berlin schaffen werden - ich habe in letzter Zeit viele Berlinfotos gesehen und die machen alle unheimlich Lust, die große Stadt zu besuchen.

    Magst du mir verraten, ob du mit deinem Scanner zufrieden bist und welchen du benutzt? Ich möchte mir einen kaufen, um meine Rollfilmfotos zu scannen.

    Wie war es in Helsinki? Und Moskau? Was hast du dort in deiner freien Zeit gemacht?

    Dir eine schöne Woche!

  7. I just love love your pictures :)

  8. wundervoll. besonders das magnolien bild!

  9. oh und die daumen sind gedrückt :)

  10. I love that first and second to last picture! I really need to visit there soon and take a whole trip around my birth country. I had no idea Berlin had so many beautiful spots!

  11. Beautiful! Love the perspective. So what you're saying is I should definitely try to make it to Berlin...okay.

  12. There's nothing like film photography. Nothing. These are beautiful images!

    You Are My Favorite

  13. I absolutely adore Berlin and your photographs make me wish to visit again ASAP. Wonderful!

  14. Yes, i agree on everything...

  15. love these pictures!!

    and whatever it is about you and your boyfriend.. good luck


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