Thursday, May 5, 2011

// analog adventure // berlin I

For my 30th birthday in April me and my boyfriend flew to Berlin to spent a fabulous weekend with a couple of friends in my favorite German city. Thanks to Easyjets' luggage restrictions I was forced to leave my Canon at home, instead I took my grandfathers Kodak, loaded some films and set of to capture Berlin.

I am pretty excited about the results, simply love the grain and the vintage look!

1.   Street art on Alte Schönhauser Strasse
2.   Pretty flower shop somewhere around Prenzlauer Berg
3.   Simon-Dach-Strasse 41
4.   Lovely old tiles in entrance
5.   Fleamarket love at Boxhagner Platz
6.   Non-renovated building somewhere in Friedrichshain
7.   Reflection in shop window


  1. I recognise that flower shop - it's my favourite florist on Marienburgerstrasse. Great pictures Kristina

  2. these are definitely so awesome - you're making me want one of those cameras :)
    As forrrr what I would say on that house...oh gosh - maybe learn to live in the present. or something like that. I'm so indecisive it would take me ages to think of something!

  3. films never fails any of pictures, it makes it even better. I love the effect!

  4. Gorgeous! Love the old school vibe. My boyfriend is from Berlin and I've visited a few times. It is a lovely city!

  5. Ooh indeed, great film camera captures. Love the grain, too. Looks like you had a good time, would love to go there some day!

  6. Those are beautiful, sweetie and Im totally over the moon with the entrance photo..It looks great! Kisses and hugs

    Ps: I’m hosting a stunning Sima Gilady jewelry GIVEAWAY today!

  7. I love the vintage look in the pictures.. and that old building - fantastic!

  8. these turned out great!

    I'm seriously considering swiping my dad's old film camera so I can play around with it. I love the feel of the photos..

  9. Ahhhhhhhh, toi aussi !!!
    In love with this city...

  10. I love these photos and I love berlin too. GREAT!

  11. I just found your blog, it's lovely out here!

  12. film is always awesome! they turned out fantastic :)

  13. oh wie schön. analoge bilder haben ihren ganz eigenen zauber. da müssen wir easyjet ja fast danken für ihre gepäckpolitik :)
    ich find das "alt berlin" schild so schöööön! toll gesehen.

  14. oh fast hätte ich es vergessen: alles gute nachträglich :)
    wir sind gleich alt. bist du auch "stier"?

  15. very, extremly, beautiflu shots!

  16. You;ve got some wonderful pictures here! My husband and I want to go to Berlin on our next vacay. (We're headed to Iceland in June. Can't wait!)

    I'm glad I found your blog.
    You Are My Favorite

  17. Berlin ist einfach wunderbar. Ich war schon eine ganze Weile nicht mehr dort. Leider.
    Ich habe im Urlaub auch meine Rollfilmkamera dabei gehabt, es ist sehr interessant zu sehen, welche Bilder dabei herausgekommen sind. Vor allem die Farben und die Schärfe sind bisweilen anders, als ich es erwartet habe. :)

    Übrigens hat uns Sunshine Cleaning wunder, wunderbar gefallen. Großartig.

    Schönes Wochenende!

  18. These are some great images and I am just dying to visit Berlin! Hopefully I'll get to go there sometime soon :)

    Happy Sunday!

  19. superb shots. all these berlin shots from the blog world recently are making me want to plan a trip there!

  20. oh i just forgot to answer, those of the sky are digital :)
    hope u had a lovely weekend

  21. Das sind tolle Rollfilmfotos. Ich bin immer wieder begeistert, über die Farben eines Rollfilms.

    P.Sunshine Cleaning hat uns super gefallen. Ein großartiger Film.

  22. Sorry, ich wollte nicht doppeltgemoppelt schreiben, ich wusste nicht, ob ich etwas falsch gemacht habe.

  23. Ja, es lohnt sich immer wieder, auch analog zu fotografieren. Feine Aufnahmen - und tolle Erinnerungen für mich ... :)


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