Friday, April 8, 2011

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The souk of Marrakech is the largest in North Africa - believe me, its huge!
A souk is a covered market and in Marrakech's case it consists of at least several hundred of small streets and alleys (covered and uncovered), lined with thousands of small shops and production places, where you can see the products come alive.

You basically find everything your heart could long for. From leather bags, babouches (traditional shoes), lamps, tea sets, scarfs, touristy stuff like camels to tiles, jewlery, food and the famous morocan argan oil.

Negotiation is a must, divide the first price of the seller by 4 and then start to haggle with this price - good luck, the sellers in Marrekech are known to be very tough!

Wandering the souks without a destination is the best that you can do.

No worries, everybody will be helpful if you lost your way completely, basic French language skills help!

Take care about all the pretty details that are everywhere! Especially the old windows and wood doors blew me away. As people are hesitant towards being photograph, focus on architecture, details and products instead.

Don't forget to drink some yummy mint tea in beautiful courtyard cafés such as the Bougainvillea close to the Mosque Moussanie and eat some Tajine or Couscous!

The souks are clustered according to their profession / product - so you have an olive souk, nut souk, leather souk, carpet souk, dyer souk, babouche souk and so on. Its great!

So, put on some comfty walking shoes and set out on a journey through the most traditional part of Marrakech. Don't be scared of pushy sellers - they might be annoying from time to time, but we found them all being funny and nice. Girls, take a strong man with you - that helps! :)


On a personal note, I am ready to fly to Berlin later today. Looking so much forward.
Next week I will be travelling to Moscow for business, I am really really exciting as it will be my first time ever in Russia. Anyone has tips on what to see in Moscow? I have Saturday morning / afternoon for some sightseeing before flying back to CH! Do fill me in!!


  1. These photos are fantastic! I would love to peruse through these markets!

    Have a great trip to Moscow!

  2. I love these street scenes - I literally froze on the first picture...the light is gorgeous and they kept getting better. Thank you for taking me to a place I might never go.

  3. can you just start inviting me on your trips??? :) :) have fun in berlin!!! we are thinking of going there over easter!

  4. Your photos are stunning!
    I'm so glad Sarah had you as a guest cause your blog is fantastic!!!

  5. Great pictures! Did you get to bring a lot of things back home from the souks?

  6. I love every details you put in this post, also the place is really beautiful and surrounded by so many great stuffs which I like . Have a great and safe for the whole next trip :)

  7. Wunderschöne Fotos. Für mich ist es immer noch ungewohnt, Menschen zu fotografieren. Ich habe eine gewisse Scheu, die ich gerne überwinden möchte. Wie geht es dir damit. Auf deinen tollen Reisefotos sind immer wieder Menschen zu sehen. Wie gehst du vor? Fragst du, fotografierst du unbemerkt?

    P.S. Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich zum Geburtstag! :)Die 30 ist eine schöne Zahl.

  8. Marrakech is just such a colourful city...I can see why it's a photographer's paradise. And the shopping OMG...I'd want to buy EVERYTHING!

  9. I'm so bad at negociating on the street...haha...have a great trip to Moscow ^^
    kisses, Etrapar

  10. I would love to spend the day there looking at all the beautiful things and haggling :) You took such amazing pictures!


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