Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{ marrakech } randoms

To wrap up the beautiful trip we had to Marrakech, I just wanted to share some random pictures with you I took while we wandering around the city. Enjoy!

The most colourful tiles and pictures; old wood doors that completely stole my heart!

The best mint tea I ever tasted. Arabic signs.

Freshly prepared Tajine on the stove. Orange trees. Koutoubia Minarett.

Red walls everywehere. Donkeys roaming the small streets of the Medina.

I hope you enjoyed the this massive amount of pictures of Marrakech - it is really a pretty and amazing place. If you ever get the chance to go, go!!

Next up Essaouira, a cute little Moroccan town at the Atlantic ocean.


  1. These are so beautiful!
    What a magical place it is! So rich with textures, colours and patterns. Your photos are so inspiring, I bet the real thing is completely mind blowing.

    P.S. As for your question - we are originally from Israel and moved to Australia 2 years ago :)

  2. I loved every single picture!! There are definitely some grey skies over my today but I'm drinking coffee and enjoying it :) It's nice to not feel like I need to go outside and do something!! Zucchini bread is so so good. i'll email you a recipe :)

  3. I planted some mint this year on the balcony in anticipation of mint tea and mint/lemon drinks. I "discovered" a love for them after visiting the local Arab cafe - so so good. Hopefully they'll be enough mint this summer for me to enjoy them from home.

  4. What an incredible place:) So glad to be back and see all those amazing photos:) They make me so happy:) Happy Wednesday, darling
    Kisses and hugs

    Ps: I’m hosting an awesome swimming suit GIVEAWAY later today! Just in time for summer!

  5. I would love to make this trip.... but for now I am enjoying your amazing photos. Thanks!

  6. You are living my dream, Kristina. China is fun, but travel fantasies come true!

  7. I just love the shade of blue on those arched doors. So beautiful.

    - Sarah

  8. The colors are just so amazing!! I especially love the doors. I really hope to visit someday!

  9. wow. i'm jealous of your travels! that mint tea looks phenom and i love that last image of the donkey!

  10. These pictures are so gorgeous- very inspirational! Just came across your blog and am such a huge fan!

  11. I've been dying to go to Marrakech. Hopefully that trip will take place in the next couple years. I'm just always so drawn to the beautiful colors and architecture I've seen in pictures of the city. These photos are only making the wanderlust worse - they're beautiful! Hope you enjoyed your trip.

  12. great set, the last photo is adorable!
    pretty curious which country in Asia would you want to visit later this year? I would suggest you Raja Ampat, Papua. It is indeed a heaven on earth, especially if you like to go to beach/just diving and all.

  13. wow- these are beautiful- found your blog via Galit! Such great moments captured.


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