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{ marrakech } jardin majorelle

The Jardin Majorelle is located outside of the Medina of Marrakech in the new part of the city. It is really a haven of peace, relaxation and beauty in the midst of the chaos of Marrakech.
A visit is highly recommended!

The garden is named after the French painter Jaques Majorelle, who moved to Marrakech in 1919 and established the garden, which was opened to public in 1962. After his death the garden was abandoned; it was only aquired by Yves Saint Laurent in the 80s. After his retirement from the fashion world, the gardens became the personal haven of Yves Saint Laurent.

The garden features many exotic plants from five continents, mainly cactus and bougainvillea.

Wandering around the garden in the shade of the bamboo trees is simply beautiful. Try to get there early in the morning, before the grounds are too crowded by the many visitors

The details are unforgettable. Beauty in its highest form, really.

And for sure, lose yourself in the famous blue colour of the garden - le bleu majorelle, named after its founder Jaques Majorelle. Isn't is breathtaking?

I love it so much, I decided to paint my terra cotta pots on the balcony the same colour.
Find the colour coordinates here.

More info on the gardens can be found here. There is also a museum, small boutique and a pretty café on the same grounds which are worth of visiting. Unfortunately the museum was closed when I was there.

I'm off to Russia. Very excited. I will be back on Sunday, I have prepared another post for this week, but not sure if I will have Internet...


  1. Beautiful pictures... I love the blue tones and the garden is really pretty!

  2. You're travelling so much at the moment! I loved both St Petersburg and Moscow when I visited, looking forward to seeing what they look like in the early Spring. Jardin Majorelle looks like the perfect place to enjoy some mint tea under some shade and you managed to get it all looking so tranquil without any crowds, quite impressive.

  3. What a beautiful garden! I love all the colors of the pots.

  4. ahhh... the pretty pictures *sigh... thanks! ; )

  5. Eye popping colour! I have always had a feeling that Morocco will make my blood run with it's colours!

  6. What a lovely collection of photographs!

    I love cactus! (or cacti?) Whatever...anyhoo, I really need to get a Cactus plant for my home...they are just so pleasent to look at (and if you forget to water them for...cough...weeks, they are fine with that! :) )

  7. That blue makes the garden stand out even more! Such a beautiful place! Have a fabulous time in Moscow!

  8. this is beautiful! I love that they have a museum and shops nearby too - sounds like the perfect afternoon.

    safe travels to Russia!

  9. Sehr, sehr schöne Fotos. Und Mensch, das ist ein Blau, sowas von herrlich. Grandios. In echt gesehen sieht das bestimmt noch viel intensiver aus, wobei es auf den Fotos schon intensiv ist. Marokko wird immer mehr zu einem Land, das ich dann doch gerne mal besuchen würde.

    Danke für die Info letztens.
    Viele Grüße

    P.S. Deine Hose finde ich sehr hübsch.

  10. Hi Kristina,

    Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. It is always so wonderful to meet new people. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog.

  11. Oops so sorry...I think I may have just commented twice, because I didn't think my first comment posted.

  12. 1. Have SO much fun in Russia. I am already excited to hear all about it.
    2. That blue is officially going in my backyard. I am immediately in love.
    3. YSL's personal haven? Tough life, that one.

  13. so pretty! look at all that colour!

  14. Look at that blue..Its amazing!!! Totally agree..Its beauty in its highest form:) Happy Tuesday, darling

  15. Les jardins de Majorelle from YSL are so amazingly beautiful! They remind me of my first time to Marrakesh!!

  16. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love your pictures of Marrakesh. I went to Morocco last year and visited Fez, Casablanca and Tangier - leaving Marrakesh for a second visit! What camera and lens do you use? :-)


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