Monday, April 11, 2011

{ marrakech } djemma el fna

The Djemma el Fna is probably the most known square in the whole city of Marrakech (and it is also UNESCO listed, by the way):

Every night after dusk, the theatre begins. Story-tellers, snake charmers, potions sellers, dancers, musicians, food and orange juice vendors come out to play. You see many tourists, but you see far more locals - this is way I loved this place.

Look at a magical sunset from one of the many rooftop restaurants around the place. I can recommend Chez Chegrouni for a delicious vegetable couscous and a chicken tajine.

Wander along the many stalls and see what is on sale. The potion sellers are really interesting to see in the middle of their mystical ingridients- right out of the fairy tale of 1001 nights!

Be a bit careful while walking around the sqaure, tourists are the main target for everybody to get some additonal Dirham. Photographing artists, having only a smal "trial" henna tattoo, having a snake around your neck etc - most of the time there is quite a high price tag included. Don't be to nice and say "no" if you don't want to be part.

In the middle of the square you'll find many food stalls and orange juice sellers. Go and try the fresh snails or the local speciality sheep brain. Mmh, not so sure about it though...

I just came back from a great weekend in Berlin that included lots of sunshine, trifting, delicious Sushi, a great party on Saturday followed by a yummy brunch on Sunday.
Perfect birthday-celebration weekend!
So now, I am preparing my upcoming trip to Moscow, especially getting my winter clothes back out, it is only 2 degrees in Russia at the moment... uhhhh...


  1. Love love love the Djemma al Fna! Both times I've been to Marrakesh I've stayed in accomodation just a short distance away from that square!

    I was so annoyed by the ladies who would grab my hand and squirt henna into it, though! They would try to charge me when they were the ones who accosted me! Grr.

    Beautiful shots!

  2. You are such a globe-trotter! I'm jealous! Loving these pictures, really captures the feeling of the square.

  3. These are incredible photos Kristina!!! This place looks magical but your photography is sure gives it some extra sparks.

    Happy belated birthday dear one!!!
    How does it feel? :)

  4. Wow...Im totally over the moon with this place. I love each of those photos. They really give an exciting vibe of the place. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Hugs and kisses, darling

  5. Wow what a fun way to shop and eat! So beautiful!

    - Sarah

  6. oh my goodness, you are the most traveled person I know! How do you get to go to Moscow now??? These pictures are so so beautiful my friend! I'm up for a joint hike, btw!

  7. I just found this blog and thought of you :)

  8. how amazing and what fabulous pictures!

  9. Wow, looks so exciting! I wish I could join in and enjoy all the shows! I love the first two photos! They gave off such lively vibes! xoxoxoo

  10. I love the photo of the dried fruits carts... It looks so different at night than it would during the day. Better? I think so.

  11. Such great photos! I really need to start checking out markets more wherever I go... whether it's local or traveling.

    I'm so glad to hear you had a great birthday weekend! : ) And I hope you have a wonderful time in Moscow as well!

  12. Das sind sehr schöne Fotos, sie zeigen so viel vom Land, und sie machen solche Lust, selbst zu verreisen.

    Schön, dass dein 30 zigster eine schöne Erinnerung bleiben wird.

    Viel Spaß in Moskau, da wollte ich als Kind immer hin - und Lenin in seinem Mausoleum besuchen. :)

  13. ...spannend und wieder tolle Bilder!


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