Monday, March 7, 2011

vintage love: kodak retina IIIc

While I was visiting my grandmothers the other weekend, I asked both of them if they would still have (by any chance) a vintage camera. And I was lucky, one of them still had the old camera from my grandfather from the 1950's hidden deep in a closet in the basement. It is a Kodak Retina IIIc and I instantly fell in love.

After seeing so wonderful and inspiring film photography all around my favorite blogs, I was very tempted to also give it a try. So I loaded my new vintage baby with an expired ISO 200 film (nothing else available at my grandma's house) and set of to explore the world through analog eyes.

So I shot some pictures in Cologne, Lausanne and around our home in Switzerland. I will send in the film today and I am so so so so excited to see what comes back. As the light meter is broken I was completely on manual mode and I am not so sure how well I was able to manage that... We will see if all pictures turn out to be over-/ underexposed!

I keep you updated and I will for sure share some of the pictures I took!

Are you shooting film? If yes, which film are you using and where do you buy it?
What camera do you have?


  1. wowwwo i love the vintage mood and cameras!
    Would you come and follow me dear:)?
    i'd be very happy if you do it!!

  2. oh die kamera schaut ja super aus..viel glück, ich drücke die daumen für den film :)

  3. can't wait to see your photos - I meant to borrow one of my mum's old cameras when I was back in Australia, but completely forgot about it. Will be interesting to see how your first attempt with film (and manual!) turns out.

  4. Yay!! I am really looking forward to see the photos and the camera looks so beautiful:) Enjoy your Monday, darling

  5. sieht toll aus. ich habe pentax mium format. liebe Grüße

  6. Ah, I love film but I have let my Canon AE 1 bit the dust. This year, I plan to get it fixed and start shooting some film, just like how I learned photography.

    It will fun to see how yours turned out.

    p.s. I also cannot wait to see your travelogues of Morocco. I dream of going there one day!

  7. how fun! I cant wait to see how they turned out :)

  8. ooh excited to see how they turn out!

  9. What a beautiful-looking camera! I wanna see how the photos turn out! Oh my, I remember the days of film use! Does this reveal my true age? hahaha. Too bad I was such a bad organizer when I was younger, and have lost ALL my travel photos. Booo... :(

  10. I look forward to seeing the pictures! Isn't it great that you don't know what to expect at all from that very first role?

  11. hallo kristina! ich drück dir die daumen und bin schon gespannt auf die fotos.

    ich benutze für meine kamera (eine praktica) immer den billigen kodacolor film von aldi. tolles preis-leistungs-verhältnis!


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