Thursday, March 10, 2011

home sweet home: glimpse of lausanne

I just returned from a short business trip to Oslo, where I was greeted with snow and a wind that came directely from the North Pole! Glad to be back to sunny and almost spring-like Switzerland :)

Before this week is already over again, I just wanted to share the rest of the pictures I took in Lausanne last weekend! Strolling along the lake, climbing up to the old town with the prominent cathedral and dreaming about more macarons.

And don't ask me why I focused on the city of Montreux and not on Lausanne on the colourful map... My mind was already dealing with something else I guess :)

Copyright all on me.


  1. Kristina, these are so so beautiful!!
    And now after reading your email I'm in awe! I was sure you're a professional photographer...!
    Will write you tomorrow but in the meantime, please keep on taking photos!!!

  2. Lovely pictures Kristine - the 'Nana' photo looks a little like Norway with the simple colours and architecture and for a minute I got confused. I also really like the motion in the last picture, need to try this out sometime.

    Oh, and I think you are right - the trick to doing Faschings is to attend a local, smaller-town parade rather than a big event like in Cologne.

  3. Sehr schöne Fotos. Der Schriftzug Nana erinnert mich an ein Buch von Emile Zola. :)

    Eine schöne Restwoche!

  4. Nice pics, nice place! It must have been a nice day!

  5. These photos are fantastic! You're an amazing photographer, Kristina! I definitely need to get myself over to Lausanne soon!

  6. I love your photos, they're gorgeous! It was so fun to read that you just visited Oslo because I am Norwegian and I used to live in Oslo (although that's many years ago now). Hope you had a great time =)

  7. beautiful!!! I might be going there tomorrow if I feel better!!! This got me more excited :)
    Haha thanks for taking word ver off ;) I do keep it on for posts over 4 days though, those are where spam comments mostly happen.
    thanks friend!!

  8. Just found your blog & am obsessed already! Your photos awesome - and I'm dreaming of macaroons now too!


  9. wow. you're a great photographer. glad i found your blog.

  10. Ohh, sweetie each time I see your photos Im so impressed. Those are so beautiful:) Glad you had a lovely work trip and enjoy your weekend

  11. Fantastic images!! Love the one of the map!

  12. Very Nice Photos!
    Love Traveling!


  13. These photos are so beautiful! I wish I could get the chance to travel more...hopefully soon :)

  14. these photos are truly marvelous! i adore that 2nd shot.

    xo Alison

  15. Beautiful weekend!!
    I follow your!I have a amazing blog.

  16. I want to eat each and every one of those beautiful macarons :)

  17. Hi Kristina, your photos are absolutely beautiful! I love the little close ups of things like the macarons and newpapers. Makes me want to travel immediately.


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