Monday, March 14, 2011

analog adventure // cologne //

I am so excited to share the following set of my very first venture back to the analog world with the good old Kodak Retina from my grandfather!

I picked up the pictures on Friday and I loved the excitment I felt when I was opening the envelope! And I was surprised - only one of the 15 shots was blurry and not one was major under- / overexposed! I was soooo happy!!

Today you see three shots I took in Cologne while walking to the train station.

Tomorrow I share some more shots from Lausanne!

Copyright all on me.


  1. wow - how gorgeous! I want to go to Cologne!

  2. Terrific!!!

    I have a Kodak Instamatic camera (I think my model is 104 and not as shown), not old as this one and probably not that fancy but a very cool toy! I will be happy to send it over to you to play with! Drop me an email if you're interested!

  3. You had such wonderful weather in Cologne! Congratulations on your first film turning out so well too.

  4. These photos are amazing! You really had a Kodak moment =)

  5. It is like Christmas picking up a roll of film! How exciting, these are wonderful!

  6. Kristina, these are beautiful!! I know... I love the excitement of getting film developed.

    The locks are so interesting ... I didn't see that when I was there. Do you know the story behind them? Is it like the lock bridge in Paris?


  7. Those are so pretty, sweetie and I cant wait to see more:) Btw:the dough for cinnamon rolls is really hard to make. I made them a few times too and only the last time it wasnt dry. Have a lovely afternoon. Btw: how is the weather? We are having spring here:)

  8. I really love the lock picture. The color is beautiful. So artsy!

    - Sarah

  9. Great pics, i love all the lover lockers on the bridge,
    last day i spend an afternoon on a small fishman village near Genova (italy) and i found a net full of paper locks


  10. How beautiful! Love to know you! xo

  11. It's such a lovely reminder to occasionally return to film and skip on the digital. Isn't it amazing how much more focus and time you spend on each shot since you can't hit the delete button and try again?

    The shots turned out great!

  12. Your pictures turned out so great! It's awesome that your grandpa's camera still works after all these years.

  13. i do love cologne. the cathedral is maybe my favorite cathedral i have ever visited. wow. i'm seriously blown away by these pictures. it makes me want to go back, just so i can put a lock on that fence.


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