Thursday, February 17, 2011

{ Weekly Treasures // 7 }

I am currently roaming the web for nice picture frames. I am planning to do a large picture frame wall in our livingroom and I already bought some simple frames at IKEA.
Now I am in need of some beautiful, special and individual frames. Preferably vintage.

This is the kind of picture frame wall that I am thinking of:

From Interior House Decorate via B-Splendid

From Shut up, I love..., sorry no original source posted

From Pottery Barn via As I see it.

So I have been roaming Etsy for quite a while now for some nice frames. See below my finds.
What do you think? Any tips where I can find real treasures?

Turquoise Rollerset





I would love to buy some real old, beautiful gold frames, however I have not found the one I love yet...
Something like this:


Well the hunt is on....


  1. I love those walls...I did one like that but it's a little more uniform and boring. maybe in a new apartment (if we ever find one, yikes!)

  2. I started doing this in my living room, and I absolutely love it. I found a lot of cool frames on Etsy, you should try there.

    Have a great day!

  3. I recently started a wall like this in our living room as well. Not sure on the same scale, but I'm hoping to slowly add to it. I think the best walls are a mixture of all sorts of frames, although I'm a little bit smitten with that second photo with all the black and whites!

  4. I love those frame walls, especially the second and the third one:) I agree with Brittany, there are so many amazing pieces on etsy:) Kisses and hugs, darling

  5. great project, that will look awesome!

  6. You have lots of great photographs in your collection so I'm sure it will turn out great! I want to do a frame wall too, but all my frames are so different...I just hope they turn out nice and interesting.


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