Monday, February 14, 2011

{tales from costa rica} caribbean feeling II

We spent the last days of our vacation in Costa Rica in a small caribbean town called Puerto Veijo, close to the border to Panama. We loved the colourful houses, the laid-back athmosphere, the caribbean beaches, our beautiful guesthouse, great cafés and the last rays of sunshine. Surfing is really big here, but due to the rainy season the waters and waves were too scary for me to try my luck... Maybe next time...

We stayed at the wonderful Pura Vida Hotel, run by a German girl with her boyfriend from Chile. The place is lovely, clean, super affordable and the breakfast is great. I loved to just relax in the hammock and listen to the rain in the beautiful courtyard.

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  1. Beautiful:) Sounds like you had an amazing time, sweetie. Happy Valentine's day:) Kisses

  2. All those signs in the last picture are great!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! :) These photos are so great!!

  4. Das sind wieder supertolle, schöne Fotos. Ich finde sie alle klasse. Sie machen einfach Lust auf Costa Rica. Am allerbesten gefallen mir die Kinder und die Hunde. Die Kinder sehen relaxt aus, und so frei. Und Hunde mag ich sowieso. :)
    Das Hotel das merk ich mir, falls ich doch mal nach Costa Rica komme.

  5. My gosh, Kristina - this is gorgeous! I especially love the photos of the people of Costa Rica.

  6. It does look very chilled there... Did you hear any monkey callings??


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