Monday, January 24, 2011

paris wanderings // 4

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend - back to the last post about Paris now... Enjoy...

The weather on Sunday was beyond beautiful, it felt more like spring than winter. So after brunch and some shopping, we walked down to the Notre Dame, strolled along the Seine and ate a crepe in the sun.
Pure bliss!

Wanderings // Le Marais to Notre Dame

Au revoir Paris and thanks for being so lovely! A bientot!

Copyright all on me.


  1. Sitting outside in the sun in January - such a luxury. Great street photography Kristin, you get a real sense of a Parisian weekend.

  2. great pictures of my favourite place to go in paris.

  3. All those Paris photos are amazing..I can almost image me walking around and enjoying the nutella crepe...My favourite thing EVER!
    Happy Monday,sweetie pie

  4. what a wonderful day! you were lucky :)

  5. I've enjoyed looking through all your pictures from Paris! They are lovely!

  6. lovely photography.


  7. I really like all of your photos, I can't get enough! Oh and um, your "to do" list of looking for frames and baking a cake did not sound hard at all!!

  8. What gorgeous pictures!! Your camera really did a good job! By the way, what kind do you have?

    Happy Monday Dear! xo

    Oh, and pop by and sign up for my GIVEAWAY!

  9. So completely lovely and charming. Just looking at the photographs makes me feel like wearing a beret and drinking black coffee...

  10. You have an especial sensitivity for the beauty and photography. i am glad to find you, now you are on my list of faves. Congratulations for your blog, it is gorgeous! xx

  11. Hi, I saw a commentar from you in Twinsgarden and so I find your very good photos ....
    They have atmosphere and I have the feeling walking in Paris ...
    Greetings from Berlin sends Susanne

  12. Eine wunderschöne Serie von Parisbildern hast du gemacht. Echt klasse.


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