Friday, January 21, 2011

paris wanderings // 3

After a great night of dancing and drinking Kir Royal at the Kong, we took a neighbour hood stroll on Sunday morning to find a nice place to brunch.
I love the fact that so many people seem to still buy products at their local bakery, butcher and cheesemaker. Lovely. I am trying to do this more often these days, how about you?

Wanderings // Sunday morning shopping at Le Marais

Next up (and final Paris post): Le Marais to Notre Dame

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  1. So beautiful Kristina!!
    Is it a queue out of the cheese shop?? Amazing! Can happen only in Paris I guess!!

  2. If I had a fromagerie somewhere nearby I would buy my cheese there too!

  3. We have an amazing butcher near our house, but we only go there for 'special' meats - we should really try to go more regularly I think. Your shopping photos are great.

  4. Marais is my favorite part of france.

  5. ooo notre dame :) I love them so far, keep them coming!

  6. beautiful. your photos always make me want to hop on a train, in any/every direction.
    or maybe just the direction of that cheese shop.

  7. I also go to my local bakery and butcher for all my food products. It feels good to do that and by now I know that I always get fresh and incredible stuff..Love that! Those photos are fantastic, sweetie
    Im over the moon with this Paris series...Hugs and kisses and wish you a relaxing weekend

  8. Liebe Kristina,

    vielen Dank für die vielen tollen Paris-Impressionen. Wir fahren im Frühjahr hin und jetzt freu ich mich noch mehr drauf, wenn ich diese schönen Bilder sehe! Hab ein schönes Wochenende, liebe Grüße, Julia

  9. Sehr schöne Fotos, so klar und scharf, toll. Schade, dass schon der letzte Teil ansteht, ich freu mich darauf.


  10. I want to live near that cheese shop! my heart leapt out of my chest when i saw that photo ...

  11. I sooo want to travel. Love your photos.
    :-) xxx to you! Emily from EL Vintage

  12. I live in a part of Minneapolis where it is still possible to visit places that sell only fine cheese, good liquor, sausages made by hand. Now if only we had a real bakery...



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