Wednesday, January 12, 2011

home sweet home: snowshoehiking in winterwonderland

I am not really a winter person. I simply love the sun and the warm air too much I guess.
I have also never been skiing before I moved to Switzerland, so I am still a bloody beginner on my snowboard. However, sometimes there are simply the most perfect days in the winterwonderland.

Sunshine. Blue sky. Crisp, cold air. Fresh snow. Good friends. Piknic in the snow. Hot chocolate.
Yes, some days can be perfect.
We had a wonderful time snowshoehiking in the Swiss Alps - what a beautiful day!

Have you ever tried snowshoehiking?
It is so much fun and perfect for everybody who wants to have some fun besides the ski slopes.

And I am off to Paris tomorrow, looking so much forward!

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  1. Danke für deine Besuch bei Li+Belle. Deine Fotos sind sehr, sehr schön. Die Winterfotos grandios, besonders das letzte, das zeigt, wie viel Schnee doch in der Schweiz liegt.

    Ich habe mir deine Reiseliste angesehen, da sind auch sehr schöne und interessante Fotos zu finden.

    Viel Spaß in Paris wünsche ich dir, ich habe vor, die Stadt im September zu besuchen. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt darauf.

    Dein Blog gefäll mir, er inspiriert mich für weitere Reisen, ich komme gerne wieder.:)

    Viele Grüße

  2. I really love snow-shoe-hiking...Its really fun and I adore those photos:) did so well, darling
    Have a brilliant time in Paris,sweetie

    ps: I am hosting a sweet necklace GIVEAWAY, later today :) ... Please, join in!

  3. Eine echte Märchenlandschaft! Schneeschuhe hab ich noch nie ausprobiert, aber es steht auf meiner to-do-Liste :)

  4. These pictures really are like a winter wonderland. I'm heading to the snow later in the season and think that snow-hiking will have to be on my list of things to try!

  5. Wow - these shots are absolutely beautiful - the light in the second

  6. Oh goodness, that is BEAUUUUUTIFUL!!! Where did you go? I still haven't been snowshoeing, but I think we have a night hike with fondue coming up!!

  7. these pictures are incredibly beautiful!

  8. i love your images because in miami or costa rica i never get to see anything like this... so beautiful!

  9. Is snowshoe hiking the same as cross country skiing?

    That second photo is amazing. All of these photos are lovely.

  10. How beautiful it is there. I'd love to try snow walking, as i've never skiied and i think i'd prefer this!

  11. Just BEAUTIFUL! That is a LOT of snow! WOW!


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