Monday, January 31, 2011

home sweet home: pictures of bern

As many of you might know, I currently live in Bern. I have many pictures from Berne and so I thought, that I should do a post on Bern, to show you a bit of the city.
Bern is the capital of Switzerland, even if many people think this must be Zurich. :) The old town of Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the layout has been unchanged since the Middle Ages, however most of the city burned during a huge fire in 1405. After that the city was rebuilt using mostly sandstone. Today I love to wander the small streets which have retained their medieval character. A system of arcades keep you dry even during the rainy seasons...

The old town of Bern is also surrounded by the river Aare from three sides (sitting directly in a natural loop of the river). In the summertime people jump in the river at the one side of the city and get out after the loop at the opposite side. The water is cold, blue and beautiful! Perfect for a after-work swim!

Summer in Bern is particularly beautiful, sitting outside at the riverside and taking a swim in the blue cold water after work. Did you ever swim in a river?

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  1. I really like seeing the blue of the rivers and lakes in Switzerland. I visited Zurich in summer a few years ago and loved the clear water for swimming. Great photos of your current home.

  2. gorgeous! I loved Bern. Particularly the old old town. and einstein's house. the color of the water is a beautiful color.

    I have swimmed in a river but not down the rhine ... yet!

    have a great week!!

  3. What a quaint city. I have it on my list to visit sometime soon. Thank you for the preview.

  4. Lovely Photos - they really make me want to visit Bern one day - and I wanted to go to Switzerland one day, anyway, after all it's not that far, ha :D

  5. aww they are SO pretty!! I have lots of pictures of Bern too, i should dedicate a post to you :)

  6. Das ist eine schöne Stadt. Erinnert mich irgendwie an Zürich. Scheint mir auf jeden Fall ein Besuch wert zu sein.:)

  7. What a lovely city! We also have river going through it and I adore that but Im not brave enough to swim in it:) You did such a great job capturing the beauty of your city, sweetie...Love love love!
    Happy Tuesday

  8. I have been thinking about whether I have ever swam in a river for a few minutes now and I can't come up with anything - lakes, canals, the sea, yes, but apparently not a river. There is something new for my have-to-try list!

  9. Bern is definitely very charming. I remember being there a few years ago. Thanks for reminding me of my trip there.

    Off to read some more older posts!
    Rambles with Reese

  10. what a beautiful place. thanks for sharing your look back with me on SS today


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