Thursday, January 6, 2011

coming up: a weekend in paris

I will be heading to Paris in seven days with my four favorite colleagues, first for business and then spending the weekend toegther in the most fabulous city of the world. One of the girls has actually lived a great part of her life in Paris, so we will have insider knowledge to shopping, restaurants, party and local style. We have rented an apartment in Marais and, as I have been to Marais before, I know that it is one of the best places to stay.

So, I cannot wait to see the famed streetstyle of the Parisian girls, eat the best treats on the planet and take a lot of photographs. I hope the weather will do us no harm - not that our trip is cancelled as my trip to London was before christmas.

Tell me, what shouldn't we miss while in Paris??

Pictures above were taken by me during my last trip to Paris in 2006. Time is flying!

Copyright all on me.


  1. Marriage Frere (if you like tea) is one of the best tea houses in the world. I stock up every time I go there - part of the experience is choosing your tea from big tea caddies with your own individual sales assistant dressed in beautiful linens.

  2. oh gosh, I'm so jealous! so you never did get to london then?? i meant to check in about that - that is horrible! I'm so lucky I got out - the day I flew to the US is when it all started..
    I went to Strasbourg, France yesterday and was impressed with their streetstyle :)

  3. Oh you know how much I adore Paris. I bet you will have a blast! That apartment you rented looks so cozy. I need to check it out for next time Im there. We usually rent from "Heaven in Pairs"
    Have a great day,sweetie

  4. Your pictures are so pretty!


  5. Swoonsville. Those make me want me plan my long wished for Paris trip!

  6. I'm going to Paris as well this month. Le Marais is great! There is a shop in Le Marais, 'Merci' with a little restaurant in it. It's very cozy. You could buy clothes, accessories, things for your home....really everything. The vintage shops are great in Le Marais, maybe you already know that.

    You could go to 'centre pompidou', you have to say you want to go to the restaurant (even if you don't want to eat there), the view is breathtaking up there.

    You must go to trocadero, the view on the eiffel tower is amazing! It's the best view you can get.

  7. sweeeet! can't wait to see the photos you take.

    I remember thinking that famous falafel place in the marais very much deserved its fame. (l'As du falafel?) the fried aubergine they throw in there still rocks the memory of my taste buds.

  8. Oh Paris... I really like the area around Canal Saint-Martin, there are so many cafés and restaurants in the area now!


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