Thursday, September 30, 2010

east coast beauty: cape cod my love

Greetings from Athens - I am currently waiting at the aiport for my flight to Istanbul (looking forward for a late night apple tea and baclava at Taksim square). Besides doing business, I also climbed the Acropolis yesterday, pictures will follow soon.
For now, some tales about the USA. Enjoy* Hope you are all having a nice week!

When I was 16 years old, I lived for one year in California (close to LA) and visited a local highschool. Since then I have always been a complete West Coast girl (okay, for NYC I always made an exception).

Last year however, I found a ticket-deal too good to be true and off we were to Boston and Cape Cod (with a small detour to my beloved NYC).

And - wow - I was very much surprised and totally in love. Beautiful. Charming. Wonderful fresh seafood. Stunning architecture. And picture-perfect America on Cape Cod.

Since then Boston is high on my "where-I-want-to-live" list and I am looking forward to return!

Isn´t Cape Cod amazing?



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Monday, September 27, 2010

home sweet home: fleamarket swiss style

As announced a couple of weeks ago (here), I was planning to visit Switzerlands' largest fleamarket, which took place yesterday and today in the small city of Le Laberon, in the french part of Switzerland. Even though the sky looked very grey this morning we packed our bags and headed towards Le Laberon.

It has a very nice morning, strolling around the alleys full of treaures. The prices were quite high (no wonder here in Switzerland), so I did not buy anything, but I saw many cute pieces I would love to have. To finish it off we had a yummy raclette and a saucisson griller for lunch - not really healthy but sooo good.



By the way, the grey shoe in the mirror is my latest catch - love them!!

I am heading to Athens, Thessaloniki and Istanbul tomorrow for the whole week. Only for business though. Will be flying directly home to Germany on Friday from Istanbul - I have a big celebration at my old high-school! Looking forward! So I am only back to Bern next Sunday...
I guess it will be a bit quite here for the next couple of days!

Enjoy your week!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

// foto focus // lycian coast turkey

After a really rainy weekend in Venice (such a shame!!), I need some memories of sunshine, therefore a quick detour to Turkey on this Monday.

I am headed to Helsinki for business tomorrow, so I do not have time for sorting through my Venice pictures in the next couple of days... This will have to wait until next week to be posted!

So this morning I daydreamed myself back to the beautiful Lycian coast in Southern Turkey, where I have been backpacking through this spring. Turkey is an amazing country, with wonderful people and great food - you just need to "escape" the big tourist-all-inclusive-resort-towns and you will see a completely different Turkey.

Doesn´t Kalkan look like a Greek-look-alike?



//how adorable are these doors??//


Feeling the sun kissing your skin?

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Monday, September 13, 2010

home sweet home: farmer market of bern

I have been living now for 3 years in the outskirts of Bern, Switzerland. As I am planning to end my time here by the end of next year, I am trying to see, feel and experience Bern as much as possible. Therefore my newest (more or less) regular topic "home sweet home".

Every Saturday there is a big, colorful and yummy farmers market in front of the Bundeshaus (Swiss Parlament). As I like to buy local and things that are in-season, I like to stroll around the market and check out things on offer....




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