Tuesday, December 7, 2010

{perfect weekend hideaway} - annecy

I love about Switzerland that you are very close to both Italy and France. So on a wonderful sunny weekend in August we packed our van and left Bern for some camping at the Lac D'Annecy in France. Annecy is not far away from Geneva and the border of Switzerland so it took us about 2 hours to get there.

We settled onto a nice camping at the shores of the lake (approx. 5 km away from Annecy) and directly went of to enjoy the lake and the nearby city. Annecy is a really beautiful little town, with small canals that run through the old town (like a mini-Venice) and the location at the lake with the towering mountains in the back is gorgeous. We brought our bikes and the next day we did a nice cycling tour around the lake (not completely around, but if you want to do that, it is possible).

Highly recommended for a weekend hideaway! A great mix of culture, food and wine!

And by the way, Chamonix and the Mont Blanc are not far away! Next time I will definitely go there as well.

// Greetings from the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. We have been roaming jungles and exploring the beach. Waking up to the howls of howler monkeys and the screamns of the birds is beautiful. // Kristina

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  1. Oh I hope you are having a fabulous time and I can't wait to see your pictures!!!

  2. Glad you are having a wonderful time,sweetie
    Those photos are so pretty! I hope to have a chance to go there one day:)
    Hugs and kisses

  3. I love the first picture- what a beautiful town! I hope you are enjoying your trip!

  4. putting this on my list for next year! beautiful little french town. aren't they all though? (:

    Glad you're having a great time in CR!

  5. aw your photographs are so beautiful! you totally capture the culture around you, i love it! looking at your pictures always makes me want to travel!!

  6. Oh wow! Your pictures captured the moment so beautifully! I just love how the water laps the buildings of the town! So beautiful!
    xx tash

  7. loving these pictures


    follow if u like what u see?


  8. What a fantastic looking place! It reminds me of l'Isle sur la Sorgue in Provence. I love how the buildings are right on the water


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