Saturday, November 27, 2010

home sweet home: bring them down

Each year the same spectacle happens everywhere in Switzerland: the cows are leaving the mountains for the winter and come back down to the valleys. The farmers lead their herds back down the mountain slopes and their arrival in their home towns is generally celebrated with joyful festivities.

Typical event highlights are the procession of all cows through the city center (they are all nicely decorated with flower bouquets - note, the biggest bouquet for the cow which gave the most milk during the summer), traditional dance and music performances and a lot of typical Swiss food consisting mainly of cheese.

Last year we have joined such a celebration in the French part of Switzerland. It was a fun day and gave us the possibility to catch a deeper glance into Swiss culture. Highly recommended!

Greetings from Monteverde, Costa Rica. After stopping at the Arenal Volcano and checking out the cloud forest on Monteverde we will drive towards the Pacific Ocean tomorrow! Hope you are all doing fine! Kristina*
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  1. this is sooo cute kristina! what a sight to see. i love the swiss!!

    hope you're having a great time in costa rica!!! i doubt it is possible not to...(:


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