Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween special: spiders for lunch

Okay, I better warn you - in case you might scream in panic or faint when seeing spiders: do NOT continue to read! This is a tough one - I have to admit all pictures below were taken by my brave boyfriend, while I was taking shelter inside a small shop! haha!

When taking the bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, the bus stops for a short lunch break in the middle of rural Cambodia. This part of the country is widely famous for being a place where large spiders are on the daily menu of the people living there. I have seen this on TV, I read about it. But I was not prepared for what happened once I got out of the bus.

We were instantly surrouded by girls who wanted to sell us fruits and other snacks. Nothing special. But then my boyfriend whispered in my ear " do not freak out but the girl next to you as a HUGE spider sitting on her shirt". For sure I turned around in increasing panic and almost jumped back 5 meters when I saw this:

The girls where not only selling fruits, but also the famous snack: spiders. But no, they do not fry all of them, some are kept as little pets - alive! on their shirts!

They were having a great time following travel-girls like me who ran off in sudden panic and selling their fried spiders to brave men who actually tried the local snack (the guy on the first picture actually ate a fried spider).

I was so glad once the bus was ready to set off, but the local girls were very persistent in their attempt to sell their fruits, drinks, whatsoever and they followed us to the bus. Looking through the open door directly at me, one of them said: "hey miss, if you don't buy something from me, I will put my spider in the bus" - and then she smiled her sweetest smile.

Until today I am not so sure if she was making a joke -a very bad joke indeed-, but for sure the rest of the bus trip to Siem Reap was not very relaxing for me.

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  1. That is incredible..I have a thing for spiders...I am really scared of them! Such an amazing photos:)
    Happy Tuesday my dear

  2. I tried crickets in Vietname, but really couldn't stomach Spiders. Gah!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - those spiders really gross me out, but I did have a chance to see a part of the world I might not have seen before. I'm now following and look forward to seeing more of your work.

  4. Oh my gosh - crazy-scary! Spiders creep me out, and that...wowza. Quite the experience;)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I would totally freak out! A friend of mine tried one and posted a picture with the legs hanging out of his mouth. He told me the head was crunchy and the body is creamy. I still get chills thinking about it.

  6. Kristina...I can't believe you endured that...I would have nightmares for YEARS. Oh my goodness...I can't believe they WEAR THEM!! You have no idea the turmoil I'm in, haha!!!

    And you are so lucky to visit Tuebingen in the winter!! I would love to go back to there or Heidelburg...and I must do Stuttgart next time too. I saw post cards with the snow blanketing the town and it was too pretty for words. hopefully we'll get to Stuttgart for the Weienachtsmarkt (sp?) before we go home for Christmas!

  7. oh my goodness!! I took that bus ride a few years ago, and definitely do NOT remember this, which is strange, because it seems sort of... 'unfortgettable'.

  8. I don't do well with spiders. Actually I don't mind them in theory but their legs freak me out. I got queasy just looking at your photos - turns out cooked spiders are worse than live ones!

    Saw this on Shutter Sisters. Thanks for sharing!

  9. crazy! as if people trying to sell you things aren't persistent enough...taunting you with a spider!?!

    i am so happy you blogged about this. it is memories like this from traveling that i forget when we get home and romanticize everything. but i guess being scared to death and hating a particular place is what makes traveling so magical. In one trip there can be so many emotional highs and low, i think that is what makes traveling so addictive to me.


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