Monday, October 25, 2010

{perfect weekend hideaway} - the valleys of ticino

The Ticino is the italian speaking part of Switzerland, hiding behind the high mountain range of the San Gotthardo and directly boarding to Italy. Driving through the 16-km tunnel or over the 2.150m high pass of the San Gotthardo can be quite nerve-wracking - especially during summer when all Swiss try escape the often rainy weather in northern Switzerland. Expect heavy traffic and long waits...
Anyway, once you left this huge mountain range behind you the sun -normally- always comes out... It can be 15 degrees and rain in Luzern (north of the Gotthardo), but 28 degrees and sunshine on the Southern side in Ticino. The Ticino, offering lovely cities such as Locarno and Ascona plus stunning lakes such as the Lago Maggiore, is therefore high on the "to-go" list for the perfect weekend hideaway.

I especially love the valleys of the rivers Maggia and Versasca, located close to Locarno and Ascona. Both valleys offer icecold and iceblue rivers, waterfalls, grottos (local, rather rustic restaurants that serve local food), nice walking trails and small towns out of the fairytalebook.

Take a sneak peek yourself:

Cannot wait for next Spring and my next lovely weekend in Ticino - this is really a wonderful place!
Come and see yourself!

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  1. Ah Ticino... Lovely! The bridge pictures are excellent!! And with «Kastinien Brot» auf Deutsch... Great!!

  2. Your photos are absolutely spectacular! I want to go there! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I want one of those beautiful bowls! :)

    Natalie xo

  3. I really would love to visit this place. It looks so special and fun! You really have the best travel posts ever!!! You are like my little travel guide by now:)
    Hugs and kisses,sweetie

  4. gorgeous pictures as usual! i love ticino...i'm amazed at how much the weather differs!

  5. ohh my goodness this place looks so amazing!! beautiful pictures!

  6. What a beautiful spot and wonderful images!

  7. absolutely gorgeous kristina!! i love ticino. i've got to get to locarno this year.


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