Tuesday, October 19, 2010

la serenissima - piazza san marco

Piazza San Marco is the touristy heart of the city, featuring attractions like the San Marco Basilika, Campanile (clock-tower), Doge´s Palace and the Cafe Florian (anyone fancy a cappuccino for 11 Euro??).

During the day, this is one of the most croweded places I have been in a long time. At night and in the early morning you more or less of the piazza for yourself, which is beautiful - I definitely promote those time of the day for a visit.

I still do not understand why people would welcome pigeons to sit on their arms, head and backs - but, you will see, many people do... argh, I am not sure how I feel about this... mostly disgusted I guess...

If you wander beyond the Piazza, you will soon find yourself lost in small side streets, mostly undiscovered and empty of tourist. It is worth the walk, believe me!

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  1. The little streets are so romantic and charming...Awww
    Hugs and kisses,sweetie
    Have a great day

  2. Same here, I am disgusted by pigeons! I actually have an irrational fear of them. I was screaming at San Marco and people were laughing at me.

  3. Pigeons are so gross! There's a place in San José where people feed them, so there are hundreds and the children play with them. It's disgusting!!

  4. AWW the bird ones are so cool :) thanks for letting me use your pic :)

  5. OHHHHH, I love your blog and this post is fantastic. I have been there. Isnt it incredible? :-)))
    I hope to see you at EL Vintage. xx Emily

  6. I don't get why people want to be in contact with pigeons either- they're full of germs.

  7. I will definitely keep you informed. Doing two shoots this next Saturday so fun! xx Emily from EL Vintage

  8. These photos are magical! What an amazing place! But if I ever go, I'll make sure to bring my own coffee :-)

  9. What wonderful architecture... The one of the hallway is great, very well captured!!
    Have a lovely day:)

  10. Hi, my name is Erica and I live in Italy; I've found your pics so beautiful, so lovely. I love Venice and I'm very lucky to live just one hour travel to Venice.
    Your blog is very nice, it's a pleasure to have met you! see you soon, hugs!

  11. How I love Venice. I hope to go back one day soon. You really have a fantastic eye for photography. I am just loving all of your posts!

    Natalie xo


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