Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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One of my most favorite places on earth is definitely Cambodia.
I just realized I have not posted anything about my incredible time in Cambodia yet - such a shame.
Last December we took off for a 4-week backpacktour through Vietnam (see here and here) and Cambodia. My love affair with the country and its people is still lasting.

The horrible past of the country broke my heart.
But there are also the constant smiles of the amazing people of Cambodia. Their strenght. Their lasting hope of a better future. Their willingness to learn. Their joy. Their love.

We visited Phnom Phen and the incredible Siem Reap with the ruins of Angkor Wat.

Today I would like to show you some pictures from Phnom Phen featuring amazing palaces, horrible stories of the past, poverty and despite all of this - joy and happiness.

I wish with all my heart that the amazing people of Cambodia will have a bright and happy future - they deserve it!

And in case you wondered - yes, one of the ladies in the pictures just killed this poor chicken - and she was not very happy that I took a picture of that evidence...

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  1. I read a lot about Cambodia in the last few months and it always breaks my heart to think about it all..Its incredible to think that they have such a young population. The median age is like 22.
    have a great Tuesday

  2. So sad!! But I really enjoyed these photos!

  3. What a gorgeous country, despite of its hardships. Thanks for sharing the photos!
    Style Obsession

  4. I just love the close up pictures of the designs - so much. And the rooftop one! I just took a bunch of pictures exactly like that around Buochs (on the photo blog). Your time in Cambodia sounds how I felt when i visited Sarajevo and Mostar.

  5. I spent 6 weeks working in Cambodia (near Phnom Penh) and loved it. The country and the people still have a very special place in my heart.

  6. These pictures are lovely! I've been wanting to visit Angkor Wat for some time now but there's always some kind of conflict between out countries that makes traveling there unsafe :( I hope to visit in the future!


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