Friday, October 22, 2010

east coast beauty: meet the whale

I love the ocean and I always had a deep affection for whales. One of my biggest dream was to see them live with my own eyes. So while being on Cape Cod las year, we decided to be part of the daily whale watching excursions and try our luck!

And, I can tell you, we were lucky!! The weather was perfect and the whales were in a very good mood, resting in the shadow of our boat and playing with each other.

I have rarely seen anything more gracious and beautiful in my life! I was so very excited, running from on side of the boat to the other, screaming of joy when this fellow below showed up!

It was simply unbelievable - such a beautiful and peaceful animal!

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  1. You're so lucky! I went on a whale trip from Boston and we saw almost nothing. It was freezing and I think the most we saw for 3 hours was one fin. Disappointing.

  2. I'm the most jealous person after seeing your amazing pictures. I love whales! I think 2 things that I really want to see are whales and the northern lights.

  3. What a lovely experience to come this close to seeing whales! To be this close to perfection!

    P.S. I wonder why my word verification is "medellin". Is Colombia calling me?

  4. You are so so so lucky! I love those photos:)...Hope you are having a relaxing weekend,sweetie

  5. How wonderful and majestic! I hope to see one up close as well. Whales are magnificent creatures!

    Natalie xo

  6. That must have been an amazing experience - wow!

  7. Here via Shutter Sisters. Spectacular images. What a wonderful experience!

  8. Truly an unforgettable moment. Also found you via Shutter Sisters!

  9. Love these pictures! Click on the link posted to Shutter Sisters.


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