Monday, September 6, 2010

wanderings through berlin: knee-deep in history

Berlin is just full of history and historic places. For history lovers it is heaven.

Taking a walk around the famous Brandenburger Tor, you pass many historic, but also modern places. Take your time - there is much to see and explore.

Starting from the Brandenburger Tor and the Pariser Platz, you can walk towards the Reichstag with its famous glas dome (designed by Sir Norman Foster). Many historic decisions has been made in the walls of the Reichstag, a very important building for Germany - in good and bad.

You can visit and walk in the glas dome, which also gives a very nice view around the area.

Walking on further you come to the Bundeskanzlerhaus (lets say our White House), which is build in a very modern and clean architecture. However, our chancellor Mrs Merkel only works there, she lives in an apartment opposite the Pergamon Museum.

Walking further you pass the very nice Tiergarten, where you can take a break in the shade of the trees... Further on you come to the Jewish memorial with its dark and sad stone cubes. The museum underneath the memorial is worth a visit. Just wander through the memorial and take in the athmosphere.

I would say this is enough history for a day, so now go and hit a bar for a refreshing Aperol Sprizz (my most favorite drink this summer!!!!).





  1. I am totally in love with Berlin...Balazs and I went there a few years ago and we had such a nice time:)
    Hope you had a great weekend:)

  2. I think I'd love the city.
    I've never been there yet, but I'd like to go someday.


  3. I can't wait to visit Berlin someday :)

  4. i love your pictures too, the pictures in hanoi are amazing and realy nice ligth in the pictures from italy, keep taken pictures i want see more works from you

  5. Lovely photos! I am getting more convinced that Berlin is going to be on my list this year! Currywurst, here I come...LOL!


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