Friday, August 27, 2010

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The old town of Hanoi is one crazy place, I am telling you.

Chaotic. Loud. Smog. But oh so exciting and charming. Just take 2 days and wander through the small streets all dedicated to a single profession or trade and see it yourself.
Small markets, beautiful small caf├ęs and restaurants, nice shopping and wonderful temples- but be aware of the hundreds of motorbikes cruising the narrow streets.

And one more advise: crossing the street in Hanoi looks very hard, but trust me, the easiest is if you just start walking in the same pace, don't start to run or suddenly stop, and the motorbikes will just drive around you. It really works, even if the first times are quite scary!


Have a nice weekend. I am escaping the early fall and will go to Lugano and Lake of Como for some sun, outlet shopping and yummy Italien food!

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  1. Lugano is easily one of my favorite places. ever! haven't been to foxtown but have heard of it and know you will have lots of treasures! ENJOY! xxxooo

  2. Beautiful muted photos of Hanoi - one of my favourite cities in S-E Asia. You're so right about walking across the street as well - you just have to keep a steady pace and keep walking.

  3. Amazing photos.

    It has to be a little incredible go there and see the railroad in the middle of the city!


  4. these pictures are amazing!! and hello back from luzern! it's always fun to find switzerland bloggers, i didn't know if any even existed! :)

  5. There was a lot of screaming on my part when crossing the streets there but after a while it was like you said- traffic there has its own rhythm and drivers won't hit you.

    Have a great time in Italy!

  6. Oh my! Amazing pictures! I love their softness.

  7. It's official. I'm so jealous of your life :-)


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