Thursday, July 15, 2010

// foto focus // palace schönbrunn, vienna

Currently visiting Austria for business, I had some time left to explore the beautiful capital Vienna on a closer look.

And, I can tell you, it was love on first sight! Wonderful architecture, the kitsch and glamour of Sissi, hip cafés and restaurants, amazing museums (I was visiting an art exhibition from artist from North Korea, too cool!!), the parks, the delicious coffee and the largest Schnitzel I have ever eaten! And THE summerdrink whatsoever, called Sprizz, consisting of Prosecco, Aperol and Soda! Everybody was drinking this, so good!

A definite highlight, which should not be missed, is Palace Schönbrunn - this is the place where the ruling family of Habsburg used to spend their summers! You can do an interesting audio guide tour through 40 of the main rooms in the palace. And you can wander the beautiful park and gardens... Finishing of the afternoon with a delicious plate of Kaiserschmarn (Austrian pancakes) on the palace grounds - as good as it can get!

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  1. So true...Vienna is wonderful...We have many friends there and as its so close to Budapest.. I love the Christmas market there:)

  2. Vienna is a dream world! I absolutely love it there. tried to go to schonbrunn but it started raining on me the day of... glad to see these beautiful pictures of a place I long to see myself!! xox

  3. I went to Vienna few years ago and enjoyed it !!
    But, I was a little bit sad when I visited Schönbrunn... It was like being home again ... (I'm from Versailles, and the two palaces are twins !!)

    Wonderful blog !



  4. Beautiful Vienna! I miss the Kaiserschmarre!

  5. Last year when showing my family around Europe, we couldn't find Schonbrunn and had to ask for directions. The old man who showed up really had to laugh as he took two steps an pointed to the huge palace just around the corner. Stupid tourists!


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