Friday, August 20, 2010

// foto focus // halong bay

Back to beautiful Vietnam - roaming Vietnam and Cambodia for four weeks last December, we for sure also went on a cruise in the stunning Halong Bay in Northern Vietnam.

We stayed on a traditional dschunke (I wonder how you call that in English?), which was super nice with good food and lovely people! Unfortantely the weather was not the best, so it was kind of foggy, rainy and cold... Anyways we enjoyed the 2 day trip as much as possible - swimming, relaxing, kayaking and exploring caves. Simply beautiful!

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  1. wow- these images are stunning. i can only imagine what it would like like when the sun is shining. i've never really wanted to explore asia but these pictures are changing my mind...

  2. The fog gives it that dream-like quality though! My mom and I got back from Vietnam last week and it was a lot of fun - we loved Hoi An. It was charming and just as you described.

  3. Those images are so dreamy...Wow! I wish I could visit one day:)


  4. This is absolutely unreal! beautiful, beautiful photos.

  5. beautiful photos!!! im SO jealous. im dying to go to Asia! love your blog :)
    xx. alyssa

  6. oh my goodness. these photos have a magical feeling to them. i want to go to cambodia and vietnam sooo badly. i hope you got a chance to see angkor wat. it looks unbelievable.

  7. Wow! Dying to go to Vietnam as well. Always wanted to have a pho soup in Hội An ever since I watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam. haha

    How wonderful to have gone there. It looks like such a magical place!

    Natalie xo


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