Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my wanderlist

Insipired by Mina and Alex from ...sending postcards, who feature the wanderlist of their readers, I also made up my mind about the places I dream to visit someday. Enjoy!

Kristinas wanderlist:

1. wander through ethiopias mystical underground churches in lalibela
2. snorkel with whale sharks on the philippines
3. trek the volcanos in costa rica and see the lava glow at night
4. pay a visit to our almost human friends the orang utans on borneo
5. drive along the malecon avenue on cuba in an oldtimer car
6. visit bhutan - where gross-national-happiness is more important finances
7. take million crazy photographs in the salar du uyuni in bolivia
8. ride my bike through rural cambodia and meet the wonderful cambodian people
9. dance the night away in the city that never sleeps - New York City
10. take a stroll through the beautful jardin majorelle in marrakech

Ah, I want to be on the move already!!

Greetings from Vienna, where I am spending the weekend after some days of working in Austria. Hope you have a nice weekend as well.... K*

Picture found on flickr.


  1. Sounds perfect...I should make a list too...Hmmm:)
    Have a wonderful weekend in Austria:)

  2. where are you from in switzerland?
    we are currently staying in cuax (montreux)..
    never been anywhere this beautiful!
    we love it

  3. i love your wanderlist. i am more than willing to be your travel buddy. :) so i have to ask, why do you get to travel so much? is it for work? what do you do? how can i sign up?


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